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Florida has some of the most dangerous roadways in the country. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), over 400,000 car accidents happened in Florida in 2021. These accidents caused more than 250,000 injuries and about 3,700 fatalities in the same year. However, only a dismal percentage of crash victims in Florida seek counsel from a seasoned legal professional.

Most people hurt in automobile accidents in Florida are unaware that the law grants them the right to seek compensation for their suffering. The costs associated with treating injuries sustained in a car crash and other factors such as diminished quality of life, lost income, emotional distress, and property damage can add up quickly. Injured victims may be able to recover damages for their harm and losses if they take swift legal action against the liable party.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reveals that over 90% of car accidents in the United States are caused by driver error. This usually involves drivers not paying attention to their surroundings, being distracted, driving while impaired, or making poor decisions. 

Car accidents can cause devastating injuries that affect your quality of life. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), approximately 400,000 motor vehicle accidents happen on Florida roadways annually. Nearly half of these accidents cause injuries, and about 3,700 lead to fatalities. 

The neck and back are highly susceptible to damage from the impact of a car crash. This makes back and neck injuries the most common injuries after a traffic accident. Car accident injuries often cause damages such as lost work, pain, and medical bills, which may add to the financial pressure as victims recover.  

If an individual suffers severe injuries from a car crash in Florida caused by the negligence of others, local and state allow them to seek compensation for damages. A Port St. Lucie car accident lawyer can help victims of injury accidents get the compensation they deserve. Keep reading to learn how car accidents can cause neck and back pain, plus how a seasoned personal injury attorney can help. 

When someone enters a car as a passenger, they essentially place their lives in the hands of the vehicle’s driver and other motorists. The trauma of being a passenger in a car crash is not an easy feat, yet it happens more frequently than most people may realize. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), Florida has one of the highest rates of car accidents in the country. 

Car accidents are traumatizing events for everyone involved, including passengers. However, most passengers are unaware of the legal options after being injured in a car accident. Passengers involved in Boynton Beach car crashes should consult a Boynton Beach car accident lawyer. Legal representation can strengthen cases and increase the chances of a fair outcome.

Keep reading to learn about passengers’ rights after a Florida car accident.

When two vehicles collide, the impact can be severe and cause significant injuries and damage. Since most vehicles lack ample side protection, an impact from the side during sideswipe accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries.

Most sideswipe accidents in Florida happen because of unsafe lane changes. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FDHSMV), over 8,400 crashes happened in 2020 because of improper passing.

After a sideswipe collision in Florida, victims may be left wondering what went wrong and what they could have done to avoid the collision. While laws regarding automobile accidents in Florida can be confusing, the at-fault driver in a sideswipe collision is usually the one who was driving recklessly. 

Ride-sharing services such as Turo can be convenient for people who live in cities with limited and costly parking spaces or visiting tourists who don’t want to spend a fortune on a rental car they’ll hardly use. Turo allows people to rent a privately owned vehicle for a shorter period than is possible through more conventional car rental agencies. 

After an accident, Turo rental drivers and passengers might be at a loss for what to do. Although data on Turo-specific accidents is still limited, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports over 6 million police-reported car crashes in the United States annually. These accidents can cause severe injuries and significant property damage. 

Because these services are a relatively new concept, the laws governing liability in case of an accident are continuously evolving. An experienced Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer can explain the involved parties’ rights in these cases. Read on to understand essential information about Turo accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

The intersections at Palm Beach country can be quite dangerous due to the heavy traffic during rush hour, weekday mornings, and afternoons. Intersections pose a safety risk to motorists because it’s difficult for drivers to look in all directions before moving through. Additionally, pedestrians crossing the road must deal with traffic from each point.

In the case of an accident, a Pompano Beach car accident lawyer can help victims seek compensation for their injuries. However, exercising caution at these dangerous intersections helps reduce the risk of being in an auto accident. 

If you live or work in Palm Beach County, you might want to know the intersections with the highest accident rates. This article discusses the most dangerous intersections in Palm Beach County. 

Recently, the number of motorcycles on the roads in Florida has been on the rise as many people see motorcycles as an economical mode of transportation. However, bikes are prone to crashes, and legal cases involving motorcycle accidents are often complex and can benefit from the expertise of a Fort Lauderdale car accident lawyer

According to data by Statista, there were 620,007 new motorcycles registered in Florida as of 2020. A large portion of these motorcycles uses Fort Lauderdale roads. Accidents involving motorcycles are almost always severe, causing injuries or death.

Therefore, it is crucial to be mindful of motorcycles on the road to avoid collisions. This article covers the causes of motorcycle accidents and how to share the road with motorcycles safely. 

After a car accident in Hollywood, Florida, many factors call for attention. However, the health of car accident victims should be the primary concern. In addition, hiring a Hollywood car accident lawyer will make dealing with the damages after a crash easier. 

In most cases, the decision to see a doctor after a car accident is apparent. Victims can sustain minor to severe injuries such as a fracture. In other cases, victims may need immediate surgery to survive the impact of a crash. In those circumstances, the question is where the nearest doctor is.

Additionally, immediately after a car accident, the adrenaline levels in your body are at its highest. This increases the level of tension and makes it difficult to think rationally. At this point, you may not feel any pain in your body and assume that you are unhurt.

A car accident in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, can be devastating. Victims and their relatives often have to pay for medical expenses and property damage repairs. They also suffer some unquantifiable losses for which they deserve compensation. Therefore, contacting a Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawyer is always advisable if you want to try to recover the compensation you deserve. 

However, people are always eager to receive a settlement to offset bills. As a result, they often ask how long it takes to settle a Florida auto accident case. Car accident cases differ, so the time frame for settling a claim varies. 

This article discusses the time frame for settling a Florida auto accident case and the factors influencing settlements. 

Although people don’t plan for auto accidents, they happen and can cause significant damage and loss. Insurance coverage may effectively cater to the cost of injury treatment and financial losses. In addition, a Boynton Beach car accident lawyer offers legal services that can help with replacement, repairs, and other costs that are not covered by insurance. 

Comprehensive coverage is different from other motor insurance options. It has specific advantages and offers different benefits for auto accident victims. This article discusses comprehensive coverage to differentiate your choices.

Boynton Beach Car Accident Lawyer Explains Comprehensive Coverage in Auto Insurance 

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