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Car accidents can leave behind significant damage, whether that is vehicle damage or physical and mental injuries. Depending on how severe your car accident is, your injuries could result in a hefty medical bill.

Although West Palm Beach, Florida, has a requirement for residents to carry at least $10,000 in personal injury protection to help recover damages medical bills can leave behind, if your car accident is severe, that may not be enough to cover your expenses. 

That is where the help of a West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer comes in. After you find a handful of attorneys to consult with, you should prepare questions to ask during your meetings. 

After being involved in a car accident in Pompano Beach, Florida, you might not know what to do in terms of who to speak with first. Regarding Florida’s car accident laws, you should know that automatically filing a lawsuit isn’t likely possible, but how do you speak to your insurance company to reach a fair settlement?

It can be very intimidating speaking to your insurance adjuster after an accident, but there is a way to decrease the intimidation. Before you speak to your adjuster, you should speak with a Pompano Beach Car Accident Lawyer, especially if your adjuster approaches you about your injuries. 

Why Go to Your Insurance First in Florida After Car Accidents

If you’ve recently been in a car accident and found out the other driver doesn’t have insurance, you may be wondering what to do next.

There are many challenges that arise after being involved in a car accident, but these can intensify when you’re dealing with an uninsured motorist. You may start feeling the heavy burden of being responsible for all car damages and hospital bills, which can be a significant damper if the other driver is at fault.

This is why it’s highly recommended to have uninsured motor coverage.

Car accidents of any kind are complicated to handle, but how complicated are Florida auto accidents? 

If you are new to the state of Florida or have recently been involved in an auto collision, you might be wondering what the process is to file for insurance or possibly file a lawsuit. There is a lot that goes into car accidents in Florida, and it’s important to know what to do. 

The team at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers is here to help. We serve the residents of West Palm Beach, Florida, and other areas as the go-to expert for all legal advice, especially when it comes to car accidents (by appointment only). 

The effects of a car accident in Boynton Beach, Florida, are typically better imagined than experienced. It can be too overwhelming to deal with, from varying degrees of injuries to property losses and even death. Boynton Beach personal injury lawyers may intervene to help victims recover from the harsh consequences of an accident. However, it can still be a challenging situation to process initially. 

As such, every Florida motorist should learn the essential steps in navigating a serious traffic crash in the city. The first thing to understand is that Florida is one of the few no-fault states in the country. This means that after a road collision, every victim must seek compensation from their own insurance providers. 

The rule applies even when another negligent or irresponsible driver caused the accident. As such, every motorist in Florida must own personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

Car accidents frequently occur in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 2019, there were 2,950 fatal car accidents in Florida. Palm Beach recorded 174 motor vehicle fatalities in 2019. Fortunately, Florida law allows car accident victims to recover compensation for their losses. In these cases, an excellent West Palm Beach car accident attorney can play an essential role in helping you seek the compensation you deserve.

Notably, when people think of car crashes, they tend to only consider vehicles colliding with each other. However, falling road debris can also result in crashes. Moreover, when this happens,  the consequences are often as severe as when vehicles collide. That’s why it’s best to understand how dangerous falling debris is. This article will explain all you need to know. 

How Do Falling Debris Car Accidents Occur?

There are important steps to be taken when someone has been involved in a car crash in Boca Raton, Florida. These procedures ensure that the victim has a fair chance at a positive outcome from a car accident claim. They include receiving medical care, filing a police report, contacting the insurance company, etc. In addition, the next important step is contacting an experienced Boca Raton car accident lawyer for legal representation.

The aftermath of a car crash can be overwhelming for a victim. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating to return to the same position someone was in before the accident. This is where hiring a lawyer with experience in car accident cases is advised.

A car accident victim has no legal obligation to contact a lawyer. However, doing so can be highly beneficial. Hiring an experienced attorney plays a vital role in protecting one’s rights and recovering compensation for injuries and losses. This article discusses why it is important to find a lawyer with experience in car crash cases. 

Car accidents in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,  are very stressful events. The victims often sustain mild to severe injuries. Some collisions leave no survivors, however. For example, there were 3,332 accident fatalities on Florida roads in 2020. Fortunately, most car accident survivors can recover compensation following a crash. Firstly, however, they’ll likely need to find a car accident lawyer.

When people think of car accident claims, they usually imagine drivers filing claims against each other. However, vehicle passengers may also sustain losses in crashes. Therefore, it’s vital to know if such injured parties can sue the car’s driver. This is why it’s best to hire an attorney after a collision. An experienced lawyer will know whether you can sue the driver and can help you start the process. 

Can I Sue the Driver if I Was a Passenger in the Car During an Accident?

Rear-end collisions are among the most common liability patterns West Palm Beach accident lawyers deal with. This type of accident happens when a vehicle runs into an automobile in front of it. Rear-end collisions are so-called because one vehicle’s front collides with another automobile’s rear. This usually occurs at red lights, stop signs, and traffic jams.

Many factors can cause a rear-end collision. They include speeding, distracted driving, panic stops, tailgating, DUI, and hazardous weather conditions. Depending on the severity of the crash, rear-end collisions can cause mild, moderate, or severe injuries. Common rear-end accident injuries include whiplash, back, and spinal injuries, arm injuries, broken bones, etc.

While rear-end crashes are common, they aren’t the only liability patterns in West Palm Beach, Florida. This article will discuss other types of auto crash cases that may lead to liability claims in the state. However, regardless of the liability pattern, victims can benefit from a personal injury lawyer to represent them during the compensation claims process.

Car accidents are frequent in America, including Port St. Lucie, Florida roads. For example, Florida recorded 341,399 traffic crashes in 2020, with 3,332 fatalities. In Port St. Lucie alone, there were 4,713 crashes and 49 fatalities. Fortunately, Florida law allows car accident victims to recover compensation for their accident losses. An excellent Port St. Lucie personal injury lawyer can help here.

Notably, most attorneys advise that the success of an accident claim depends on the available evidence. Therefore, the more robust an accident victim’s proof is, the higher their chances are of winning a suit. One such crucial source of accident evidence is witnesses. A personal injury lawyer will most likely call witnesses during the compensation process. So, are these witnesses essential?

Who Is a Witness?

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