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If you or a loved one was injured in a hit and run crash in Florida, you may need to explore multiple forms of insurance coverage to obtain the fair amount of compensation you may deserve. Trying to figure out which policies will cover your damages can be complicated without the help of an experienced car accident lawyer on your side that has had past experience with this. 

You may think you have enough insurance coverage. However, many serious injuries often leave victims with outrageous medical bills ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your medical costs exceed your policy limits, you may need to pay the difference out-of-pocket. 

Have the licensed car accident lawyers at the law office of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers  listen to the details of your hit and run claim in a free, initial consultation. We know how to assess the facts to help build strong cases for accident victims trying to pursue the full and fair amount of compensation they need for a healthy recovery. We aim to protect the rights of hit and run accident victims in Boca Raton and throughout the state of Florida (by appointment only) by helping them hold negligent parties liable for damages such as medical costs, loss of income from missing work, pain and suffering, and property losses.

The need for trucks in the United States is not going away anytime soon. With more people shopping online than ever, the demand for truck shipments continues to increase rapidly. However, more trucks on the road means an increased likelihood for more dangerous trucking accidents.

Unfortunately, the repercussions from a serious truck crash could result in catastrophic injuries that can sometimes be fatal. Accident victims and their families are often left with insurmountable medical expenses, lost wages from missing work, pain and suffering, and property damage. Discussing your claim with a reputable lawyer may be what you need to know about all your legal options to explore.

If you or someone you care about was hurt in a trucking accident, financial compensation may be available to help cover the costs associated with the crash. However, hiring a lawyer who knows how to handle these types of cases can be crucial to pursue the full amount of compensation you may deserve.

If you are seeking financial compensation after experiencing a motorcycle accident, you need to prove the other driver was at fault for the crash. Although Florida is considered a no-fault state, you may still need to file a lawsuit against the other driver to pursue compensation. If your claim is viable, you could recover funds to pay for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of consortium. 

Since most motorcycle crashes require a thorough investigation by a legal professional, you might want to consult with a licensed lawyer who has experience working with cases like yours. A good lawyer can help protect your legal rights so you can seek the compensation you may need for a full recovery. 

At the law firm of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, our attorneys offer motorcycle accident victims a free initial consultation without obligation to retain our services. Our goal is to help injury victims pursue the compensation they need by helping victims hold negligent parties liable for their mistakes. 

When you ride a motor vehicle, you put yourself at certain risk of injury from a potential accident. When you ride a motorcycle, the stakes are much higher for many reasons. Because motorcyclists do not have the protection around them like a car or SUV would, bikers often suffer from severe injuries and expensive medical costs after a crash. Inquiring with an experienced attorney could be vital to pursue the compensation needed for a full recovery. 

At the law office of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, our distinguished attorneys have more than four decades combined of legal experience handling personal injury cases, including cases involving motorcycles. Sign up for a no-cost consultation to learn if you may be legally eligible to recover compensation to pay for lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and property damage. 

Although you do take a significantly higher risk as a motorcycle rider, you may still deserve compensation to cover your damages. Learn more about these risks below, along with some ways you may be able to reduce your chances of getting into a serious motorcycle accident.

There is nothing like feeling the excitement and freedom of being able to ride a motorcycle with no restraints on the open road. The sun shining on your face and wind blowing your hair provides an experience you cannot match while driving most other vehicles. However, while you might not enjoy wearing a helmet, you put yourself at a significantly higher risk of suffering from a catastrophic injury when you go helmet-less.

Not wearing a helmet means a potential accident could cost you nearly three times as much damage physically and financially. High medical bills coupled with lost income if you are forced to miss work, could lead to a difficult situation for most injury victims and their families. Although Florida law allows insured, motorcycle riders over 21 years of age to ride without a helmet, you are taking a big risk with your overall health and financial future. 

If you or someone you love was injured in a West Palm Beach motorcycle accident, contact the distinguished attorneys at the Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers law firm today. We offer free initial evaluations to determine whether you may be eligible for financial compensation, by appointment. 

A serious motorcycle crash can often result in severe injuries, expensive medical expenses and lost income from missing work. Many riders assume that their automobile’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will cover the damages. However, this is not the case in Florida.

Unless you specifically purchased motorcycle PIP coverage, you may need to pay for the damages out of your own pocket or file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. Having a licensed lawyer on your side to help you, could make a significant difference in the outcome of your settlement. Injury victims who hire legal representation usually garner larger settlement amounts, as opposed to individuals who decide to handle the case on their own.

If you or someone you know was hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact an accomplished attorney from the law office of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers today. We offer free initial evaluation and there is no obligation to move forward with our firm. Your information is kept completely confidential, so there is no risk in discussing your case with one of our award-winning attorneys.

Recovering from a serious motorcycle crash can often seem insurmountable for injured victims and their families. Lost income from missing work, medical bills, and property damage can all add up to a challenging and stressful situation. Speaking to a qualified attorney about your situation could help you seek the compensation you may need for a full recovery.

At the law firm of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, our distinguished attorneys take pride in helping injured victims in Stuart pursue the fair amount of compensation they may need for a healthy future (by appointment only). Call our team of legal professionals to learn more about your rights and how you may be able to recover from negligent parties that are liable for your damages. 

Because motorcycles offer little to no protection from oncoming vehicles or immovable objects, the results of a serious collision can cause long-term health issues, which usually require expensive medical treatment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation. It is important to fully understand what is needed to have a successful accident claim or lawsuit so you can pursue the compensation you need to help you fully recover.

Riding a motorcycle comes with great responsibility to protect yourself and others on the road. Practicing certain safety tips can help reduce accidents and save lives. Bikes are fast and they have the power to accelerate quickly, which means there is very little room for error by cyclists and other drivers on the road. 

When a motorcycle crash occurs, the results can be devastating and sometimes deadly. Accident victims and their families are often left with massive medical bills, property damage, and other hefty expenses related to the incident. Discussing your accident claim with a licensed attorney may be essential to help cover these costs.

At the law office of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, our accomplished attorneys never settle for less when we work on motorcycle accident cases. We strive to help our clients obtain the fair amount of compensation they deserve when negligent parties are accountable for their damages. You can set up a complimentary initial consultation with one of our reputable Boynton Beach motorcycle accident lawyers today. 

To obtain compensation after a motorcycle crash, injury victims must provide enough evidence to prove their claim is valid. Although collecting evidence may seem like a simple task, having an experienced lawyer perform a thorough investigation is highly recommended. 

Gathering evidence in a motorcycle crash case can be very detailed and complex without the help of a trained professional who has experience working on these types of cases. Since bikes have very little protection around the rider, injuries are often severe and the damage is usually widespread. This can make it difficult to collect certain pieces of evidence needed to prove an accident claim. A diligent lawyer will examine all the possibilities that may have contributed to the collision and help you seek compensation from the parties accountable for damages that were caused by their negligence.

If you need assistance seeking justice for your motorcycle accident claim, contact an award-winning lawyer at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers today. Our attorneys provide free initial consultations and there is no obligation to discuss your legal options. If your claim is approved, we may be able to help you obtain the fair amount of compensation you deserve to pay for medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the crash.

Motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of experiencing a traffic accident caused by road hazards, when compared to other vehicles. Small bumps on the road, potholes, rocks, branches, and minor oil spills can all contribute to a serious motorcycle crash, whereas a car or truck may have no issues running right through these obstacles.  

Because cyclists have very little protection around them, the damages are often severe. Riders can sometimes be devastated by debilitating injuries, high medical costs, lost wages from missing work, pain and suffering, property damage, and other losses. Having a qualified attorney review your accident claim is highly recommended so you can learn about your legal options to seek financial compensation for your damages. To obtain compensation for a motorcycle crash caused by a road hazard, you and your attorney can work together to look into and provide the sufficient evidence that is needed to prove your claim. 

The accomplished attorneys at Frank & Kominsky understand the struggles injured victims and their families face when dealing with a serious motorcycle accident. This is why we offer free initial consultations to motorcycle accident victims in Florida, including the Fort Lauderdale area (by appointment only). If your claim is viable, you could recover compensation to help pay for past, present, and future costs, and other financial losses related to the crash. 

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