Common Reasons for Motorcycle Accidents

While there could be countless ways a motorcycle crash can occur, there are some types of accidents that tend to happen more often than others. While some accidents may appear to be minor at first, the damage could lead to long term health issues and financial difficulties for injury victims and their families. 

Depending on the details of your claim, you may be able to obtain compensation to pay for outstanding medical bills, property damage, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other financial losses. Speaking to a qualified lawyer about your motorcycle crash claim could be beneficial for your future. 

The attorneys at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation to help determine whether you have a meritorious claim. Your personal information is always kept completely confidential. Our team of legal professionals are equipped to help guide you through the legal process so that you can pursue the compensation you may deserve with the help of experienced legal professionals.

Our licensed attorneys have more that 40 years of combined legal experience and have dealt with all sorts of personal injury claims. Read below to learn about some of the more common causes of motorcycle accidents that could have possibly been avoided.

What Causes Motorcycle Crashes?

Because motorcycles are much tougher to see on the road, car and truck drivers may be caught off guard when a bike suddenly appears. Many times motorcyclists fall victim to negligence by other drivers. It is important to always be on the lookout for motorcycles, especially when merging or switching lanes. 

Most motorcycle crashes are the result of:

Dangerous lane changes – If a driver changes lanes or merges abruptly, without checking their blind spots or surroundings, it could lead to a dangerous collision with a motorcycle. Always check your mirrors, look over your shoulder, and only change lanes when it is safe to do so. Remember, motorcycles have the ability to accelerate much faster than other motor vehicles.  

Speeding – One of the leading and often the most dangerous causes for serious motorcycle crashes is due to speeding. The faster you drive, the more damage can be done upon impact. Always maintain the speed limit and pay attention to traffic signs, as speed limits can change often in certain areas.

Driving recklessly – Disobeying traffic laws by speeding, tailgating, changing lanes abruptly, running through red lights and stop signs, making illegal turns, and making sudden stops are all common examples of reckless driving. An unexpected movement could throw a cyclist off course and cause a serious crash. Remember, you are sharing the road with others, and it is your legal duty to follow local traffic laws and respect others by driving safely and responsibly.

Driving while intoxicated – Motorcyclists often suffer from the negligence of intoxicated drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs greatly increases the chances for serious injuries and fatalities. Drivers who are convicted of a DUI in Florida usually face harsh penalties, hefty fines, and possible imprisonment. If you had a few drinks, always ask a sober friend to drive or call for a ride, rather than putting yourself and others in danger.   

Poor road conditions – Inclement weather, potholes, crumbling or uneven pavement, rocks, loose trash, debris from trees, construction equipment, or cargo that may have fallen from other vehicles are all common examples that can create poor road conditions for a biker. Since motorcycles only have two wheels, it means they have much less traction than a car or truck would. Always remember to slow down when the road is wet and try to drive around unexpected obstacles. Even a small bump in the road can cause a motorcycle to veer off the road. 

Inexperienced drivers – Distracted driving, taking unnecessary risks and failing to check blind spots before switching lanes are all common mistakes often made by young or inexperienced drivers. The results could be devastating for a motorcycle rider. It is better to practice good driving habits and take all safety precautions seriously. If you become lazy by disregarding certain precautions, you might not be so lucky next time. 

Car doors – Many times drivers and passengers open car doors without checking for oncoming bikes. Although you may quickly glance over your shoulder to check for cars or trucks, you should always make sure it is safe to open your car door before doing so. Oncoming cyclists may have no idea that you are attempting to get out of the vehicle and the results of this type of crash could be disastrous for all parties involved.

Defective parts – Sometimes, serious accidents and even deaths can be caused by a poorly designed motorcycle or defective part, which means you may need to file a product liability claim. If you can prove the accident was caused by a poor product design or defective part, the manufacturers of the bike or its parts could be held liable for injuries or fatalities. 

Depending on the cause of the accident, you may need to file multiple personal injury claims. This could be complicated without the help of a licensed lawyer, so it is well-advised to receive the help from a licensed attorney when you seek compensation.

Learn More About Your Legal Options

If you or someone you care for was injured or died as a result of a motorcycle accident, it can be crucial to speak with a licensed lawyer who has experience working with these types of cases. If your motorcycle accident claim is valid, a good lawyer can help you negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. You could be eligible for compensation to cover medical costs, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and other damages.

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