Documents To Bring to Your Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation

Generally, a person who suffers injuries in an accident in Pompano Beach should consult a Pompano Beach personal injury lawyer. Having legal representation is important when instituting a personal injury claim. A lawyer will help assess the strength of the case and help clients seek the maximum compensation needed for the injury and losses suffered.

The first step to filing a personal injury claim is attending the initial consultation. To help the session go smoothly, the victim must bring along essential documents relating to the accident. Bringing these documents will help evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the case. Also, it will give the lawyer a clearer picture of the accident and how it affects the claim.

While bringing these documents may seem like an invasion of privacy, it only helps to prove facts surrounding the case. The more proof a victim has, the stronger the claim against the responsible party.

Bear in mind that attorney-client privileges protect the initial consultation. Hence, don’t withhold any relevant document helpful to the case. This article highlights the essential documents and information for initial legal consultation.

What To Expect During an Initial Consultation With a Personal Injury Lawyer

After approaching a personal injury lawyer in Pompano Beach, Florida, for a legal consultation, here is what to expect from the session. Both parties will:

  • Get to know each other
  • Review the accident case
  • Review documentation
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Determine if the victim has a valid case
  • Discuss the next steps
  • Discuss the fee structure, etc.

What Documents Should You Bring to a Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation?

Starting a personal injury claim and having the first legal consultation can be stressful. It helps to bring along any documents, receipts, or items of evidence that can help prove the other party caused the accident. 

It is essential to know the documents to bring. This way, the meeting can go smoothly and stress-free. Below is a list of documents accident victims should bring with them for a legal consultation.

  • Police Report

The police are usually contacted when an accident has occurred in Pompano Beach, Florida. Part of their duty is to file a traffic crash report for the accident. Creating this information shows the accident was recorded and investigated accordingly. Obtain a copy of this report for your personal injury lawyer.

The police report gives a detailed record of the statement of both parties. It also indicates who the police think is responsible for the accident. In addition, it provides a detailed description of the accident scene and contains the contact information of eyewitnesses that can help with the case.

  • Medical Record

Personal injury claims require precise medical documentation of the injuries suffered. Therefore, medical records are important documents for initial legal consultations. However, a complete medical history is not necessary; only the records relevant to the injury and treatment are required. 

Medical records are important for a claim because they contain written documentation of the victim’s diagnosis and treatment. It also shows the date the injury was sustained. This helps the personal injury lawyer calculate the amount you should ask for as medical expenses when determining economic damages.

  • Witness Information and Report

It helps to obtain the information of any willing witnesses who saw the accident. The information should include their names, phone numbers, and addresses. These witnesses can help piece together any missing link the victim may not remember from the accident. 

If the witnesses gave any official statement to the police, make sure to obtain a copy. The witness’s corroboration of the victim’s account will help strengthen the case against the at-fault driver.

  • Insurance Information

It is advisable to bring along copies of any existing insurance policy. Ideally, the victim should also receive the at-fault party’s insurance information. The insurance policy will help determine which part of the victim’s expenses might be covered. In addition, it will also help to bring any correspondence with the insurance company. 

  • Photo and Video of the Accident Scene and Injuries

Photos and videos are worth more than a thousand words. Therefore, it would be best to bring all photos or video recordings of the accident scene and injuries sustained to the consultation. 

A victim might be too disoriented to take photos or videos following a severe accident.  However, they can still take photos or videos of the current injuries and property damage shortly afterward. The images or videos will show the timestamp of the accident and the seriousness of the injuries or damages sustained.

  • Financial Records

An injury victim should also bring along their financial records. Injuries sustained from an accident can cause an injured person to stop working temporarily or permanently. Even if the sustained wound is minor, it might require taking some time off to recover. A financial record will show the dates of lost work time and lost wages.

  • Relevant Receipts of Any Expenses Related to the Accident

Another document to bring is receipts and bills associated with the accident. For example, stubs for auto repairs, tow trucks, over-the-counter medications, or other relevant payment slips applicable can be important. Again, the personal injury lawyer will review the relevant receipts while considering how much compensation you should seek.

  • Copies of Any Written Statements

When an accident occurs in Pompano Beach, Florida, the victim will likely be approached by an insurance adjuster. In some cases, the person may give a written statement to the insurance adjuster before any legal consultation. When this is the case,  a copy of the statement is required.

Checklist of Other Information to Take to a Personal Injury Lawyer Consultation

In addition to the documents listed above, there is also important information the victim is required to provide. This information includes:

  • A written statement of what happened on the day of the accident
  • Names of all persons involved in the accident
  • Name and address of ambulance service (if any)
  • The date the victim was admitted to the hospital
  • Name and contact address of each insurance adjuster spoken to
  • Name and business addresses of all the doctors who performed treatments
  • Name and address of chiropractors consulted (if any)
  • Any other information that applies to the case

What Happens After the Consultation with a Personal Injury Lawyer?

After a legal consultation, the lawyer will review and verify the documents and information provided. The lawyer will also explain the victim’s rights and estimate the possible compensation amount. If the lawyer believes the case has a chance of success, they will inform the injured party and commence the claims process. If the evidence indicates otherwise, the attorney will decline to move forward.

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