Florida Nursing Home Coronavirus Cases Hit New Records

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that Florida is experiencing record-breaking new daily coronavirus cases. Despite reluctance from residents and some state officials, many local government entities are imposing restrictions on social gatherings and closing down beaches during high-traffic weekends, such as the Fourth of July. However, many of the new cases are tied to Florida nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

A recent news report indicates that most outbreak clusters occur in nursing homes, prisons, and food processing plants. This is likely the result of the inability to adequately social distance at these facilities. Additionally, although many clusters occur at prisons and food plants, the deadliest cases have been in nursing homes, where the residents are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19.

Florida nursing homes should prevent, quickly diagnose, and treat coronavirus outbreaks at their facilities. The CDC advises these entities to keep COVID-19 out of their facilities by limiting visitors, educating healthcare personnel, and ensuring adherence to infection prevention and control practices. Additionally, Florida nursing homes and long-term care facilities should identify infections as soon as possible by conducting regular screens of their staff and residents. Consistently engaging in these prevention, education, and treatment practices will help slow the rate of outbreaks.

Nursing homes that have evaded severe outbreaks have several things in common. Most of these facilities possessed an overstock of safety supplies such as protective equipment and masks. Further, these facilities engaged in early screening for all people who entered their buildings. Additionally, these facilities employed more staff to clean, encouraged frequent hand washing and social distancing during the early days of the outbreak.

Although lobbying groups have pushed for legislation that provides Florida nursing homes with immunity against coronavirus related lawsuits, many families continue to file lawsuits alleging gross negligence. Several families whose loved ones died at these facilities claim that the nursing home placed financial gain over infection prevention and control. They argue that by putting profits over their loved ones’ health, the facilities ignored deficiencies in their emergency preparedness procedures.

Florida nursing homes that do not supply or require their employees to wear protective gear may face liability for coronavirus outbreaks. Similarly, these facilities may be liable if they require or allow asymptomatic staff exposed to the virus, to continue working. Further, Florida nursing homes may be responsible if they waited too long to alert health officials of an outbreak at their facility.

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