How To Collect Video Evidence for Your Injury Case

Having video evidence seems as a golden ticket for winning your case regarding your accident. It can definitely help, but sometimes you may not have a personal video of the accident. What can you do in that scenario?

There are steps you can take to obtain video evidence that tells your side of the story perfectly. In some cases, the video evidence is sufficient enough to warrant you a winning case. Other times, it helps to back up your position and medical records.

If you have recently been involved in a serious accident that’s resulted in a severe injury, you may be looking for the best ways to find video proof. Here’s how to collect video evidence for your injury case and how your trusted attorney can help. 

How Video Evidence Can Bolster Your Claim

Having any sort of physical evidence of your claim is beneficial for your case, but videos help take the proof to the next level. Videos can clearly show what was happening before the accident, your conditions, and how everything happened.

If you are battling a car accident that’s resulted in you filing a personal injury case, video proof can demonstrate how the wreck was the other driver’s fault if the angle is right. Obviously, you are not going to have your personal camera recording every step you take when you leave the house, but there are other cameras that have been working to record the accident that has possibly happened.

You can use video evidence in nearly any type of accident. Whether it’s a car accident, an injury sustained at a retail store, or an accident that occurred on business and residential property. If you are still missing video proof, all hope is not lost. If you possess physical evidence, that can go hand in hand with the video evidence once you find it. 

The benefit of having video evidence is that it gives the jury unbiased evidence to look at, which can help in the deciding factor of your case. If the defendant is lying about the accident, a video evidence piece can display the defendant’s actions and how they are at fault.

Find Out Who Has the Videos

It may seem impossible to think of finding someone who has video proof of your accident, but you would be surprised at how easy it can be to find it. The hardest part comes from legally obtaining the video. 

If you’re wondering where to start with video evidence, here are common places to look:

  • Law enforcement (they may have body cam surveillance)
  • Traffic lights
  • Business or property cameras
  • Someone’s personal phone

There are some instances where, unfortunately, there will be no recording of your incident. But there are other circumstances that, surprisingly, will have video evidence. Again, if you’re unsure of where to start, you can consult with your attorney about what to do and where to look. 

Before you go looking for the person or entity that has visual proof of your injury, you should consult with your attorney about your legal rights to obtaining the video. Even if you plan to ask a civilian or business for their video, there may be other legal ways for you to obtain the video. 

Be Ready to Submit Necessary Paperwork

Depending on who you are obtaining the video from, you may have to go through a lot of paperwork. For example, the police’s evidence can take a while to get a hold of after filling out the necessary paperwork. 

The hoops you must jump through can vary depending on where you are trying to obtain the evidence from. Some civilians and businesses may hand the video over easily if you ask. If they are standoffish, it may require you to use the help of your lawyer. 

Law enforcement and some businesses may refuse or be more reluctant in handing a video over. If that is the case, you may need to use a subpoena and have the power of civil court on your side to gain access to it.

A subpoena is a court-ordered document that states there is a request for production of something, whether that is a document appearing in court or something else. The good thing about using a subpoena is that it is a command. Therefore, if you use a subpoena, the person is legally obligated to share the video with you. 

If you come across a more difficult video to get ahold of, you may have to fill out a bunch of forms and pay some fees, especially if you’re trying to get it from the police force. If that’s the case, have your lawyer review the documents before you pay the fees to obtain the video evidence.

Can A Lawyer Help You Obtain Video Evidence?

A lawyer in the West Palm Beach, Florida area can definitely help you obtain video evidence. As a civilian, it is your right to have the video evidence of your accident, but that doesn’t mean accessing it is going to be easy.

When you hire a West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyer, you are adding a legal professional that has the knowledge you need to build a strong case. Lawyers possess the best negotiation skills and the necessary legal skills to guide you through the process. Hiring a lawyer also shows that you are serious about your case and willing to take the steps necessary to seek compensation. It’s also possible that your lawyer can find ways to pinpoint the party that owns the video.

The best thing about hiring an attorney is that you can rest assured that your case is fully taken care of in the hands of your legal representative. When you pass your case to an attorney, they take things over by collecting all the evidence, speaking on your behalf, and working diligently to help you seek the compensation and justice you deserve.

Understanding the legal aspects and all of the rules in Florida’s statute of limitations can be overwhelming, but not to lawyers. They are proficient in understanding the rules and regulations and are familiar with how collecting video footage is. 

Consult With a Lawyer About Video Evidence

At Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, we understand how challenging it can be to go about your claims and prove your side. We also know how difficult it can be to try and obtain video footage from certain entities. That’s why we are here to advise and guide you throughout the entire process.

If you are having difficulties finding video evidence from your accident, we can help. Our attorneys have bountiful experience communicating with law enforcement, businesses, and civilians to obtain video proof of injury cases. Our forty years in the business have also taught us how to analyze Florida’s regulations for obtaining a video. 

It’s our duty to find every possible piece of evidence that boosts your claim and can help you seek extra compensation. To begin, call our 24/7 hotline at (561) 800-8000, or visit us online to fill out our free consultation form. 

Let us help you seek the justice you deserve. Call us today.

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