How To Prepare for Your Consultation with a Florida Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents can leave behind significant damage, whether that is vehicle damage or physical and mental injuries. Depending on how severe your car accident is, your injuries could result in a hefty medical bill.

Although West Palm Beach, Florida, has a requirement for residents to carry at least $10,000 in personal injury protection to help recover damages medical bills can leave behind, if your car accident is severe, that may not be enough to cover your expenses. 

That is where the help of a West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer comes in. After you find a handful of attorneys to consult with, you should prepare questions to ask during your meetings. 

Here is your guide for how to prepare for your consultation with a Florida car accident lawyer. 

Why You Should Consult with More Than One Lawyer

Think about finding the right lawyer in West Palm Beach, Florida, to work with as if you were about to buy a new car. You wouldn’t choose the first car you see off the lot. Rather, you would test drive a few, carefully weigh out the pros and cons, and then pick the right one based on your needs. 

Likewise, you should research and gather a list of three to four high-quality West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyers to consult with before deciding which one you want to work with. 

Not every lawyer is the same. They all vary in experience, cost, communication, and trust. Every lawyer you meet with will have the same goal in mind for you, but you might not feel comfortable with everyone you meet. 

Before you sign documents agreeing to work with your chosen attorney, it’s crucial to explore all options and see if you can find the one that works the best for you. 

Items To Bring to Your Consultation

As you sit down with each attorney, you should bring a few specific items and questions ready for them to answer. Bring the same items to each consultation so every lawyer has a chance to assess the evidence you have and can tell you how they can help you. 

Here are some items you need to bring with you to each consultation:

Police Report

If you are not able to obtain a copy of the police report after the accident, your lawyer can obtain it for you. A police report is an unbiased document stating the cause of the accident, who’s at fault, and any injuries or deaths that occurred as a result. Your police report can be a great source of evidence for your insurance claim or potential lawsuit, especially if you’re found not at fault by law enforcement. 

Medical Records

Medical records can be used as another source of evidence in your claim. This is why you should never refuse or turn down being examined by medical professionals after an accident. Medical records provide detailed information about the injuries you’ve sustained from the accident and how much ongoing care you will need. If you need a hefty settlement from your insurance, your attorney can use this information in your medical records to negotiate a higher settlement amount on your behalf, if it’s needed. 

Insurance Information

It’s also a good idea to bring any insurance information you have such as your declaration page. The declaration page indicates what your coverage is and what kinds of benefits you are eligible to receive. Without this document, your attorney will not know what you could be eligible for or any regulations surrounding your insurance, which is important information when negotiating with insurance companies.

Photo Evidence

If you have any photos from the accident, your attorney can use these as well to help strengthen your case. As you begin to work with your selected attorney, they might also look for any video footage nearby or search for witnesses to gather statements. If you gathered names of potential witnesses, be prepared to give those to your attorney as well. 

Car Documents

Your attorney may want to see specific information regarding your vehicle and any possible warranty information. Bring along documents you have from when you purchased the car to your consultation. 

Questions To Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer

Knowing the right questions to ask your West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer can help you determine which attorney to work with after your consultations and help build your confidence in the case. 

The consultations are not just for your lawyer to get to know more about you and your situation, but it’s also a time for you to learn more about them. Here are some questions to ask as you go in for each consultation. 

What Is Your Level of Experience?

If your car accident case is complex, it is important to know if the attorney has a long history of handling car accidents and how successful the cases have been. Selecting an attorney can be an investment, so you should choose the attorney who knows how to go about car accident claims and has the best chance of helping you seek the extra compensation you deserve. 

What Will I Need to Do?

Good news! Once you hire an attorney, there might not be much you need to do other than communicate with them from time to time. One of the major perks about hiring an attorney is that they will do most of the work for you throughout the case. Your attorney (and their paralegal or assistant if they have one) will communicate on your behalf to all other parties such as the insurance adjuster and in court. 

How Would You Prefer to Be Paid?

This is a must-ask question to each attorney you meet with since attorneys have different prices and prefer different payment methods. All attorneys will agree to be paid either via an hourly fee, contingency fee, or combination of both. Whichever the payment is, make sure the price is one your budget can handle and that you sign a form stating the agreed-upon payment method to prevent future issues. 

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