How Your Driving Record May Affect Your Injury Claim

Getting into a car accident is an experience no one wants to go through. It can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when trying to get the damages you are rightfully owed. Unfortunately, if you have any negative driving records on file, these can be used against you in a personal injury claim.

Whether it’s a ticket for distracted driving, running a stop sign, or speeding, these records can potentially affect the outcome of your case. This blog post will discuss negative driving records that could potentially impact your personal injury claim.

License Suspensions Record 

If you have a license suspension on your driving record, it could affect your personal injury claim. It’s important to understand the potential implications of having a license suspension on your driving record, as it can impact the amount of compensation you receive.

License suspensions typically occur after a driver has violated traffic laws. Some common violations include speeding, DUI/DWI, reckless driving, hit and run, road rage, unsafe lane changes, driving without insurance, texting while driving, or excessive speeding.

A license suspension can lead to difficulties obtaining compensation for a personal injury claim, as it implies that the driver was irresponsible in the past. If the defendant can prove that the driver’s negligence in the past is related to the accident, they may be able to reduce the amount of compensation the injured party is entitled to.

Therefore, if you have a license suspension on your driving record, it’s important to disclose this to your lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to advise you on how to best handle your case to maximize your chances of receiving full compensation for your personal injury claim.

Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets can be a major factor in determining liability for an auto accident. If you were speeding at the time of an accident, the insurance company could consider you to be negligent and deny your personal injury claim.

Even if the other driver was also speeding, it could be argued that your excessive speed contributed to the accident. Furthermore, if you were ticketed for speeding before the accident, this could be used as evidence against you.

The amount of damages you are eligible to receive may also be affected by speeding tickets. Depending on the severity of the violation and the local laws, judges and juries may reduce the amount of damages you are entitled to receive.

In some cases, a speeding ticket can even lead to criminal charges or jail time. This could not only affect your ability to seek compensation for injuries sustained in an auto accident, but it could also have long-term negative consequences on your life and career. 

It’s important to take traffic violations seriously and understand that they can affect any personal injury claim you make in the future. Be sure to consult an experienced attorney if you have received a ticket for speeding or any other traffic violation. They can help you understand how these violations may impact your case and give you the best chance of receiving the compensation you deserve.

A DUI/DWI Record

Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) can significantly impact your personal injury claim. If you were involved in an accident and had a DUI/DWI record, the insurance company may try to use that as evidence to prove that you were negligent and at fault for the accident. 

The effects of a DUI/DWI record on a personal injury claim can be severe. Insurance companies may try to use your DUI/DWI record as evidence of your recklessness or negligence when they are calculating a settlement offer. They may also argue that because you have a DUI/DWI record, you are more likely to be involved in an accident than someone who does not.

In addition, a DUI/DWI record can lead to harsher punishments such as higher fines, longer jail sentences, or higher insurance premiums if you are found liable for the accident. It is important to note that even if your DUI/DWI record is not used as evidence, it can still be brought up in court by the opposing party. 

It is important to remember that having a DUI/DWI record does not automatically disqualify you from getting a fair settlement after an accident. However, it is important to be honest about your record and discuss it with your lawyer so that you can prepare for potential challenges from the insurance company.

Reckless Driving Record

Reckless driving is a serious offense that can have major consequences when filing a personal injury claim. The severity of the charge and the implications that come with it can have a lasting impact on your case. If you have been involved in an accident while exhibiting reckless behavior, you could be held liable for the other party’s injuries.

Reckless driving is defined as operating a vehicle in a way that exhibits a willful or wanton disregard for safety. This can include but is not limited to excessive speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, or running stop signs and red lights. Reckless driving is considered a more serious violation than careless or negligent driving because it implies that you knew the risks you were taking but chose to ignore them.

If you are facing charges of reckless driving, you should be aware that your insurance company may not cover the costs of any damages caused by your actions. In addition, if the other party chooses to file a personal injury lawsuit against you, your reckless driving record may be used as evidence against you in court. Furthermore, even if you are found not liable for the accident, your reckless driving may result in increased punitive damages.

When filing a personal injury claim after an accident, it is important to remember that reckless driving can have a major effect on the outcome of your case. The best way to avoid potential negative consequences is to always drive responsibly and obey the rules of the road.

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