Importance of Medical Documentation in Car Accident Claims

Accidents caused by the negligence of other parties can cause severe injuries and financial problems. People who sustain injuries can hold at-fault parties accountable and seek compensation for damages through a personal injury claim. 

Complete and accurate medical records are among the most crucial requirements to support any personal injury claim. Medical evidence established by a medical practitioner helps build a solid case. 

The severity of an injury, the length of time the symptoms persisted, and the suffering the injured party endured when receiving medical care, and healing from their injuries are easily demonstrated by medical evidence.

Taking legal action is a challenging task. You should start by establishing liability, and if the defendants or insurance adjusters dispute your account of events, the medical records will be an essential piece of evidence. 

If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a car accident, contact a seasoned car accident lawyer serving Pembroke Pines to protect your legal rights. Read on to learn more about the importance of medical documentation in car accident claims.

Types of Records that Insurance Carriers Review

Your no-fault insurer may request you to get an independent medical examination (IME) if you’ve sustained injuries in an accident. During this examination, an independent physician will look through all your medical data, and they will be on the lookout for the following:

  • Your doctors’ “causation” declaration indicates that they believe your auto accident directly caused your injuries.
  • The regularity and consistency of your medical care. You may be asked about your compliance with your doctors’ prescribed treatment plans, such as the frequency with which you undergo physical therapy or chiropractic adjustments.
  • The extent to which your treating physicians describe your injuries.
  • The opinions of your treating physicians on whether or not you should continue your treatment.

Your no-fault insurance company may terminate further treatment for your injuries even if they persist if the IME doctor decides your medical records are insufficient. 

If you have recently started medical treatment under your no-fault insurance or are scheduled for an IME, consult personal injury attorneys who are familiar with the type and quality of medical documents required by your insurance carrier.

The Importance of Keeping Medical Records after a Car Accident in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Insurance adjusters can learn a lot about your car accident injuries, how they affected your life, and how they might continue to do so in the future by examining your medical documentation from your treatment and care.

If an injured person does not seek medical assistance, the courts may assume their injuries were not as severe as they claim. Insurance companies are notorious for downplaying or outright denying injury claims, often because the policyholder did not seek medical attention despite feeling pain. 

The reasoning behind this notion is that you should seek medical treatment when hurt. Therefore, an insurance adjuster may offer compensation for the inconvenience an injury has caused rather than for the actual injuries sustained in an accident. 

Similarly, if you go to the doctor but don’t take their advice or fail to attend your follow-up appointments can weaken your claim. Lack of follow-up treatment or refusal to follow a doctor’s instructions may cause the insurance adjuster to consider that the claimant was either not injured or that any injuries experienced were insignificant. 

Your health history is a crucial part of your case. We will build a strong case if we can show that:

  • You were injured because of the accident
  • Those injuries were caused by the accident
  • You received medical treatment for those injuries
  • You are experiencing pain as a result of those injuries
  • Your injuries are permanent
  • That the injuries and treatment have affected you, your job, your family
  • That they may continue to do so in the future

Below are some of the main benefits of keeping medical records:

Proving that Injuries Are Caused by Negligence

Medical documentation proves that the injuries you sustained were caused by the negligence of another party. The insurance company may claim that your pre-existing conditions and your own negligence contributed to the severity of your injuries. Insurance companies can do this while attempting to avoid paying out.

If medical records confirm that you were hurt in the vehicle accident, the insurance company will have difficulty denying liability. It will be difficult for insurance adjusters to dispute the extent of your damages and the necessity of future medical care if your doctor testifies on your behalf.

Determining the Value of Your Claim

After a car accident, you may need to take time from work to deal with the medical bills, insurance claims, and any further therapy costs that may arise. These records are used to establish the worth of your claim.

The key to maximizing your settlement amount following an injury is providing evidence that you are unable to work, need physical help, and have an impaired mental state. Remember that adjusters will still attempt to lowball your claim’s worth, and it’s best to get legal advice before settling for anything less than what you’re owed.

Future Expenses

Injuries sustained in a high-velocity crash frequently necessitate surgical intervention and ongoing medical care. They’ll lower your standard of living, prevent you from having fun, and may even contribute to other health problems. Your medical records will show that the other driver’s negligence seriously injured you physically and psychologically.

Adjusters would not attempt to lowball your compensation by ignoring the costs you will incur in the future if you present them with medical data.

Estimated Outcome

Other than providing an accurate description of any potential issues, medical records are crucial in vehicle accident claims since they estimate the outcome of your treatment plan.

You can strengthen your case by demonstrating that your treatment has disrupted your everyday life and caused you pain and suffering that would not have occurred if the other motorist had used reasonable caution.

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