Most Common Causes for Car Accident Fatalities

Unfortunately, serious car accidents happen every day throughout Florida. Sadly, many of them are fatal. Dealing with a car accident fatality can have lasting effects on loved ones and entire families, especially when the deceased victim was financially supporting the family. If you or someone you know lost a loved one in a serious car crash, we recommend seeking legal assistance immediately. 

The compassionate lawyers at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers understand the struggles individuals and families face after losing someone you love. Our licensed car accident lawyers are available to discuss your accident claim during a no-cost consultation. We have handled more than 6,000 cases throughout Florida, including in the Boca Raton area. If your claim is valid, surviving family members of the deceased could be eligible for financial compensation.

Below, we explore the most common reasons why some car crashes end up becoming fatal. It is important to learn about these reasons and the ways to avoid them. Perhaps, you will want to share this page with someone you care about as well.  

Reasons Why Car Crashes Become Fatal

With over 40 years of combined legal experience at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, we have investigated a wide variety of car accidents. Most vehicle crashes are the result of negligence. Our experienced attorneys know how to apply state and local laws, along with previous case law, so that we can help injured parties and their families seek the compensation they deserve, including cases involving wrongful death.  

While there could be numerous ways a crash could end up being fatal, the following are the most common:

Distracted driving – Perhaps the largest growing problem on America’s roads today is distracted driving. Too often, drivers have been found to have caused avoidable accidents due to driving while eating/drinking, texting, adjusting the radio, checking the GPS, tending to children, unsecured pets, and daydreaming. When a driver is distracted, the results can be deadly.

Speeding – Drivers who go beyond the speed limit risk injuring themselves and others around them. While it may be tempting to drive fast (especially when you are running late), it is not worth the possible repercussions. Always be mindful of your speed and speed limit signs, which can change often, especially in construction zones. Drivers found guilty of speeding in a construction zone face hefty fines and points on their license.

Driving under the influence – One of the most deadly causes for car accidents is driving while intoxicated or on drugs. Florida law has strict penalties for DUI offenses, including possible imprisonment. If you or someone you know is under the influence, call a cab or sober friend for a ride.  

Reckless driving – Going well beyond the speed limit, changing lanes abruptly, and aggressive driving can result in terrible consequences. Reckless driving can scare other drivers off the road and cause them to crash as well. As a licensed driver, you are legally obligated to obey local traffic laws, drive carefully, and respect others on the road.

Running red lights – Sometimes drivers may think there are no other cars on the road and running a red light once in a while will be harmless — until it happens to them. The results of these crashes can sometimes be horrific. Running a red light in Florida is illegal and the penalties are severe, especially when it results in a casualty.

Wrong way driving – When a driver is lost or makes a mistake by driving in the wrong direction, it could lead to a catastrophic head-on collision. To avoid driving in the wrong direction, pay attention to traffic signs and signals, especially when making turns. You may think you are going in the right direction but it is better to double-check and be safe rather than sorry. 

Following too closely – According to Florida Statute 316.0895, tailgating or following too closely is against the law. Always keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead in case they need to come to a sudden stop. You never know what is going on with the vehicle ahead of you and there could be unexpected obstacles on the road ahead.

Poor weather/visibility – When visibility and weather conditions are poor, it is best to avoid driving altogether. However, if you are caught in a storm, you should proceed with caution and find a safe place to pull over until conditions improve. Far too many drivers fall victim to the wrath of Mother Nature every year.  

Animal Crossings – When animals dart across the road unexpectedly, drivers naturally tend to overreact and swerve off the road, either crashing into other vehicles, side rails, trees, buildings, or other immovable objects. Pay attention to animal crossing signs and stay alert, especially when driving at night through heavily wooded areas.  

Defective parts – Sometimes serious accidents are the result of a defective auto part or poor design. Defective tires, faulty brakes, and inadequate air-bags are all common causes for car crash fatalities. The manufacturer of the vehicle or its parts could be held liable if proven in court. Inquiring with an experienced attorney who has handled these types of cases in the past is highly recommended for what is known as a product liability lawsuit.  

Consult With an Experienced Attorney

Dealing with the loss of a loved one due to a car accident can be devastating to individuals and their families, especially when the death could have been avoided. Surviving family members could be eligible for financial compensation to cover funeral and burial costs, medical bills, loss of future income, pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.    

Let the reputable attorneys at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers help guide you through the legal process so you can pursue the fair amount of compensation you deserve. 

Our goal is to help Floridians receive compensation for injuries that were caused by the mistakes of negligent drivers. We offer free initial consultations with no obligations, and your information will be completely confidential.  

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