It can never be too soon to call a lawyer after experiencing a car crash. The earlier you seek legal representation, the more time your lawyer will have to prepare to help you have a successful case. Giving a good lawyer ample time to investigate an accident claim means he or she will be able to exhaust all possible avenues to help you seek compensation. 

At the law office of Frankl & Kominsky, our friendly lawyers are prepared to listen to the details of your car crash claim during a complimentary initial consultation. Allow our Port St. Lucie car accident lawyers (by appointment only) to help you fight for your legal rights to financial compensation. We have more than 40 years of combined legal experience and have helped our clients obtain more than $100 million in accumulated successful verdicts and settlements. 

While you may be hesitant to contact a lawyer for help, if you wait too long, you could be costing yourself significant amounts of compensation. Below, we provide steps you should take after a crash, the advantages to contacting a lawyer early in the process, and reasons why you should not wait to discuss your claim with a legal professional. 

In December 2020, the Florida Supreme Court announced that effective May 2021, Florida state courts would begin following the federal summary judgment standard. These changes will inevitably drastically impact Florida personal injury lawsuits. Further solidifying the change, at the end of April, the Florida Supreme court reviewed comments from the legal community and amended the language of the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure 1.510 (FLRCP 1.510). The amendment “largely adopted” the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 56 (FRCP 56) text as a replacement for FLRCP 1.510.

The standard governs summary motions pending or decided on or after May 1, 2021. Additionally, the Supreme Court stated that courts should allow parties to file a renewed summary judgment motion if their motion was denied under the old rule. The critical changes to the rule change involve:

  1. The summary judgment standard now “mirrors” the standard for directed verdicts;

When a youngster gets behind the wheel, the damage from a serious car crash could sometimes be severe. You may be worried that you will not be able to seek compensation because the at-fault party is a minor. Having a knowledgeable lawyer on your side could be very helpful so that your rights to seek compensation are protected.

If you or someone you love was involved in a collision with a minor, we recommend contacting a West Palm Beach car accident lawyer (by appointment only) from Frankl & Kominsky today. We know how to apply local and state laws and refer to past verdicts, to hold negligent parties liable for damages, including cases involving minors. We offer free, no-obligation initial consultations when deciding who to hire for legal representation.

Read on to learn more about your legal rights if your car accident injury was caused by a minor, and how our lawyers may be able to help you pursue compensation for your recovery. If your claim is valid, you could be eligible for compensation to help pay for your medical expenses, lost wages from missing work, pain and suffering, property damage, and other costs related to the crash.

Since bikers do not have much protection around them as a car would provide, the result of a motorcycle crash can sometimes be severe. A serious collision could result in hefty medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages from missing work, property damage, and other significant losses. It is critical to understand your legal rights, including when your claim is due, so you can seek financial compensation to assist with your recovery efforts. 

The Florida Statute of Limitations only allows a certain period for accident victims to file a valid injury claim. If you wait too long, your claim could be denied by the court. At the law firm of Frankl & Kominsky, our attorneys offer free initial consultations for motorcycle accident victims. We can evaluate your situation at no cost and let you know if you are legally eligible for compensation and when your claim must be submitted.

Read on to learn more about the statute of limitations for a motorcycle crash in Florida and some key factors that could determine when a claim is due.  

Experiencing a car crash can sometimes leave you in a state of shock and not knowing how to react. It is important to understand certain steps you may need to take after an unexpected collision. Although there are steps you can take on your own, having a good lawyer on your side could help protect your rights to pursue the fair amount of compensation you may deserve.

If you were involved in a car accident in Florida, contact the attorneys of Frankl & Kominsky to schedule a no-cost initial consultation. Our licensed car accident lawyers may be able to point you in the right direction to seek the compensation you may need to cover medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and other expenses related to the crash.  

Below we provide some helpful steps you should take after an accident to protect yourself in more ways than one. If you miss certain steps, you could be denied the compensation you may need for a full recovery. 

While there are a multitude of different injuries that can result from a car crash, there are some injuries that are more common than others. If you or someone you care for was involved in a car accident, it is important to discuss your claim with a licensed lawyer who has experience working with various types of car accident injuries. 

At the law firm of Frankl & Kominsky, our licensed lawyers have over 40 years of combined legal experience. We have also obtained a combined amount of over $100,000,000 in successful verdicts and settlements and received over 600 five-star reviews. Our reputable attorneys aim to protect the rights of injured victims throughout Florida, including the West Palm Beach area (by appointment only). Call us today to schedule a no-cost consultation.

Although no two vehicle collisions are exactly the same, we have seen some commonalities with some of the injuries that our past clients have sustained. Unfortunately, recovering compensation for these injuries is not always easy. While you may appear to have a similar injury as someone else, it does not mean you are guaranteed the same amount of compensation.

While it is extremely important to know what to do after an auto accident, there are some crucial mistakes you want to avoid. Making these mistakes could hurt the value of your damages claim. Speaking with a licensed lawyer about your situation could help you learn your legal rights and avoid some of these mistakes.

The Boynton Beach car accident lawyers at Frankl & Kominsky have over 40 years of combined legal experience. We offer a free initial evaluation of your car accident claim and charge nothing unless you settle or win your case. Your information is always kept private and there is no obligation to hire us for legal representation. Therefore, there are no risks in discussing the details of your case with us during this meeting. 

Read below to learn some errors car accident victims commonly make, along with some helpful steps you could take to avoid them. Taking note of these helpful tips could help ensure your legal rights are protected so you can pursue the fair amount of compensation you may deserve.  

If you have an existing medical lien during your personal injury case, you may be wondering if this will prevent you from receiving financial compensation. You may need to pay your past due bills before receiving a payment from your personal injury settlement. Having an experienced lawyer look into this issue is one of the many advantages to hiring legal representation. 

Learn how you can protect your rights to seek legal compensation by contacting the attorneys of Frankl and Kominsky for a cost-free initial evaluation of your injury claim. Our distinguished attorneys have over 40 years of combined legal experience. 

Do not worry about medical expenses interfering with your recovery efforts. If your claim has merit, our attorneys can guide you through the legal process and help you manage any medical liens and other expenses related to your injury. Our job as a personal injury law firm is to help you pursue the fair amount of allowable compensation.

While there could be countless ways a motorcycle crash can occur, there are some types of accidents that tend to happen more often than others. While some accidents may appear to be minor at first, the damage could lead to long term health issues and financial difficulties for injury victims and their families. 

Depending on the details of your claim, you may be able to obtain compensation to pay for outstanding medical bills, property damage, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other financial losses. Speaking to a qualified lawyer about your motorcycle crash claim could be beneficial for your future. 

The attorneys at Frankl & Kominsky offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation to help determine whether you have a meritorious claim. Your personal information is always kept completely confidential. Our team of legal professionals are equipped to help guide you through the legal process so that you can pursue the compensation you may deserve with the help of experienced legal professionals.

Car crashes are responsible for the majority of injuries reported in the city of Stuart and throughout the state of Florida. Injury victims are often overwhelmed with hefty medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and lost wages from missing work. Inquiring with a legal professional could help protect your rights to seek the funds needed for a healthy recovery.

If you or someone you know was injured in a motor vehicle accident, you can contact an experienced car accident lawyer at Frankl & Kominsky for a no-cost evaluation of your claim. You could be legally eligible for financial compensation to pay for your damages and losses. 

Our firm has over 40 years of combined legal experience while helping our clients recover more than $100,000,000 in successful verdicts and settlements. With more than four decades of combined experience covering car accident cases, we have seen a wide variety of crashes and many of them are avoidable. While you may already practice most of the safety precautions needed to be a safe driver, there may be some additional measures you may not be aware of or may have forgotten. 

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