Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Car accidents are one of the most common daily occurrences everywhere in the world, including in Port St. Lucie, Florida. With nearly 230,000 residents, the chances of you being involved in a car accident can be substantial. 

It is no secret that car accidents can leave behind significant physical damage. Depending on the severity of the accident, extreme physical ailments can occur, including death. There’s also the burden of paying for hospital bills you might not have been prepared for. 

Have you recently been in a car accident? If so, we recommend the help of a Port St. Lucie Car Accident Lawyer fighting for you. Here’s why. 

Car Accident Laws in Florida & Other Legal Options

Seeking financial help after a car accident is different in Florida than in other states. Florida is one of 18 states that operate with a no-fault system, which means all drivers involved in a car accident must first seek help from their insurance before seeing if they can file a lawsuit. 

Due to this rule, it is a requirement that drivers carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection and property damage liability. Personal injury protection is what will help pay for medical bills and give other benefits for your injuries after an accident. However, you should not expect to receive the full $10,000 because everything depends on the details of your case.

An investigation will begin right after your accident with your insurance adjuster, who will look at your vehicle, injuries, medical bills, and other evidence to determine how much you should be awarded. 

Though the state has tried to reduce car accident lawsuits by putting this requirement in place, that does not mean the chance to file a lawsuit is non-existent. There are ways to step out of the no-fault system if your case meets one or both of the following:

  • Medical bills exceed a certain amount
  • Severe injury has been sustained 

The severe injury should be one of the following to count:

  • Wrongful death
  • Scarring
  • Amputation
  • Life-long medical intervention
  • Significant impact on daily function

If you are eligible to file a lawsuit, you will likely file for pain and suffering against the other driver to receive extra compensation either through a settlement or by the jury if your case goes to trial. 

You can determine if you qualify for a lawsuit with the help of a Port St. Lucie Car Accident Lawyer.

Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

Are you someone who thinks hiring an attorney is an unnecessary step and cost? There are actually a lot of positives to hiring a car accident lawyer in Port St. Lucie, Florida, to help with your case. 

Car accident lawyers have expert knowledge of the state laws governing what you can and cannot do following car accidents, and they could use this knowledge to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

Attorneys can also inform you of your rights and fight for you better than anyone else. The following days, weeks, and even months after a car accident can be some of the most intense and trying times. It’s best to have a professional on your side that has your best interest at heart and will promise to fight for you to have the best possible outcome. 

When To Talk to a Car Accident Lawyer 

The best time to talk to a car accident lawyer is before you file a claim with your insurance. Unlike attorneys, the insurance representative and adjuster you have are not out to help you as they advertise. Most insurance companies are looking for ways to reduce your earnings, and an attorney can prevent this from happening. 

An attorney can also help you negotiate with your insurance company to receive a fairer settlement. This is one of the many skillsets these professionals have that will benefit you in the long run. 

The day of or the day after your accident is the best time to begin looking for or talking to an attorney. Florida’s statute of limitations offers Florida car accident victims two years from the date of the crash to file a claim. While this seems like a long time, a lot can happen in two years to derail the process of you hiring an attorney. If you are dealing with complex injuries, this can also get in the way. 

Being proactive and hiring an attorney quickly is the best way possible to optimize earnings and make sure you receive the help you need from these professionals. 

How To Pay Your Car Accident Lawyer

If the thought of lawyer fees is stressing you out, you should know that paying an attorney is not as stressful as it may seem. Most people think that lawyers cost a fortune, but the good news is that you often do not have to pay your attorney unless you win, depending on their compensation preference. 

Lawyers often prefer to be compensated in one of two ways: an hourly fee or contingency fee; most opt for the contingency option. 

A contingency fee is a certain percentage that you agree to pay your attorney from your final earnings. The average contingency fee is 33%, though some attorneys can go up to 40%. 

An example of a contingency fee agreement is:

  • You first agree to a percentage with your attorney (let’s say you agree to 33%).
  • This is written in your contract. 
  • Your lawyer helps you receive a settlement of $70,000. 
  • $70,000 x 33% = $23,100 (this is how much you will pay your attorney).
  • You are then left with $46,900.

If your attorney works with an hourly fee, they will keep a record of how long they work on your case. You can either pay the hourly fee as your case goes on or in one lump sum at the end of your case. 

Hire A Car Accident Lawyer Today

We understand hiring an attorney is no easy task, but we want to make the process less stressful for you. Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers is a firm dedicated to helping Port St. Lucie residents seek and recover damages from car accidents with our in-depth knowledge. 

Our firm has handled thousands of car accident cases in the last forty years, which makes us more than qualified to handle your case. Not only do we expertly know the state’s car accident laws, but we also know how the other side thinks and we have the resources to negotiate with them. 

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