What Is Considered Too Wide of a Turn?

West Palm Beach, Florida, is a beautiful city with beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife. Along with that comes busy streets and car accidents if drivers are not careful. 

Downtown streets in a city such as West Palm Beach can experience many accidents with semi-trucks and 18-wheelers with drivers who miscalculate their ability to turn. Truck accidents can be extremely severe and leave behind a lot of damage. 

If you were an innocent bystander or other driver that has recently been involved in a truck accident because a driver made too wide of a turn, it’s time to see if you can file for extra compensation. 

Here is information on what is considered too wide of a turn and what legal options you may have. 

Truck Driver Requirements

It’s no secret that driving a semi-truck or 18-wheeler is not as easy as driving a standard car. This is why truck drivers must undergo rigorous training that can take several months to be certified to operate these vehicles. 

In Florida, a driver must do the following to obtain their CDL, which is a license specifically required for driving big trucks:

  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Pass several physical and eye exams
  • Pass a truck exam
  • Take a driving test
  • Learn about the design of the vehicle

This is just the required portion to obtain a CDL. When a driver passes all the requirements for this license, they still must undergo training for their job. 

A job might train employees more thoroughly with their own company policies and practices. Every trucking company is required to teach and train employees on vehicle safety and how to operate these vehicles to ensure safety on the roads. 

Failure for drivers to pass necessary steps or for companies to adequately train employees can be a great risk. Not only can this result in possible legal actions, but this can also hurt the business. 

What Is Considered Too Wide of a Turn?

Sometimes accidents that happen with trucks are due to simple mistakes made on the driver’s end. It is possible that a driver might not be able to make an appropriate turn, especially on busy narrow streets, resulting in a collision. 

It is easy for standard drivers to make right or left turns with ease and not have to apply much thought to the action except to make sure the road is clear before they pull out into the lane. Drivers of large trucks do not have that same ease. 

Drivers operating semi-trucks must perform each turn they make with thought, care, and proper judgment. Their turns must be wide enough to allow them to enter the new lane safely and not collide with other drivers. 

Too wide of a turn for truck accidents means the driver has swung too far in the opposite lane while trying to stay clear of other drivers and still manages to hit someone. There is also the possibility of a driver not swinging wide enough and managing to collide with drivers in the lane they were trying to avoid. 

If you have ever sat in traffic and watched a truck driver try to make a turn, you likely know it’s a tedious process since the driver is trying to make sure they gauge their space correctly. However, it is still possible for drivers to be in a rush and make too wide of a turn without giving it proper consideration. 

Options For Filing a Claim

When a semi-truck causes a collision, there is a lot of damage that can occur physically and mentally. If you were involved in a truck accident, a West Palm Beach Truck Accident Lawyer can review your claim and give you sound legal advice on your next options. 

Florida has specific requirements set in place for victims to seek help if they ever find themselves in these types of accidents. The first step is to file a claim with your insurance. 

The modified comparative fault is still intact for trucking accidents, but that does not mean all hope is lost for you to step out of the no-fault system to file a lawsuit. If your personal injury insurance settlement does not offer you enough to help with your medical bills, you could be entitled to file a lawsuit. 

Civilians who have the option to file a lawsuit in a trucking accident can either sue the driver or the company. Suing the company can be more challenging since your primary goal will be to prove there was negligence involved on the company’s side by not providing their driver with sufficient training. 

Your attorney can review the evidence and tell you whether that is an option. 

When to Speak to a Lawyer

Because of Florida’s car accident laws, many people assume the time to contact a lawyer is after the insurance has reduced or denied a claim. While Florida’s requirement is for drivers to carry a minimum of $10,000 in PIP, it doesn’t mean you will be offered the full amount in a settlement. 

There is also the issue that drivers accidentally say things to their insurance representative that can be used to justify reducing their claims. There are certain words and phrases that seem harmless but can actually make or break the potential of an adequate settlement. 

This is why you should seek the help of an experienced West Palm Beach Lawyer before you contact your insurance adjuster. 

Hiring a lawyer means having that a legal professional can be on your side and speak on your behalf throughout your claim. This could greatly reduce the chance of stating something that could be used against you and can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

If a first offer happens to be a lot less than adequate to fully compensate your damages, your attorney can also negotiate with your insurance provider to help you try and seek a fairer resolution. 

If you do not already have a lawyer, the first step to take when searching for the right one to work with is by doing research. Look up attorneys in your area with reputable backgrounds that are specialized in personal injury law, and namely, truck accidents. Because these claims can be more difficult, especially if you are eligible to file a lawsuit, you should select an attorney with proven competence in this area of law.

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