What is the Purpose of the Accident Claims Adjuster at the Scene of an 18-Wheeler Incident?

Imagining being in a car accident can be very scary, but it’s even more intense when you’re involved in one with an 18-wheeler. These vehicles are much larger than standard cars and can cause much more damage.

Accidents involving 18-wheelers can be much more severe due to their weight and cargo. If you are ever involved in an accident with these vehicles, you may notice that the company’s accident claims adjuster will show up at the scene or shortly after. Before you speak to them and answer their questions, here is everything you need to know. 

If you are ever in a situation where you’re involved with an 18-wheeler claims adjuster, speak to your West Palm Beach, Florida, attorney immediately. 

What Is an Accident Claims Adjuster?

Since Florida operates under a no-fault system, you’re bound to speak to a claims adjuster at some point after your accident, and if you’re involved with an 18-wheeler, you’ll likely speak to the company’s representative too. 

A claims adjuster’s purpose is to investigate the accident, its victims, and the evidence, in order to determine liability and who is at fault. Who is at fault determines how much victims may be offered in compensation and the penalties that are posed to the responsible party. With Florida’s modified comparative fault system, all parties involved in an accident will share the blame to some degree. Trucking company adjusters try to find ways so that the company is not responsible. 

These professionals are not to be taken lightly as someone to give all your information to. When you speak to them, they will ask you certain questions about the accident, such as how it happened, if you were speeding, and other questions that, if you’re not careful, can greatly impact the outcome. 

Why Would They Be at The Incident Scene?

Some trucking companies may have their own insurance adjuster that they send out to the scene to investigate and speak to you. Their purpose is to find information that can allow them to deny you coverage or assistance. 

For this reason, you should not speak to them unless you have an attorney present. Do not speak to them at the scene of the crash. Rather, have your West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer speak to them later on your behalf if the opportunity arises where they would like to inquire about your side of the accident. 

If they are not at the scene of the crash, it is very likely that they will be contacting you the next day or shortly thereafter to start the process. Politely decline to speak to them until you have an attorney that can handle the questions accordingly. 

What Not to Say to A Claims Adjuster

What most people do not know is that claim adjusters of any kind are not as helpful as they make themselves out to be. There are certain things you should not say to your own insurance adjuster or the adjuster of the trucking company to prevent them from misconstruing or misunderstanding your words. 

At the scene, the trucking company may ask questions about your injuries or those of your passengers before you have had the chance to be observed by medical professionals. Since you do not know the extent of your injuries, if you respond with something such as, “I’m fine,” they will use this against you and possibly devalue or deny your claim. 

They will also likely ask you questions about how the accident unfolded, if you saw the other vehicle, or what you were doing in the moments leading up to the crash. These questions could also devalue your claim depending on how you answer them, so it’s best not to give any answers until you have an attorney representing you. 

Once you have hired your West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyer, you can give your attorney their contact information. 

How An Attorney Can Help You

Having an attorney on your side to help you with your West Palm Beach, Florida, car accident is not only to make sure you answer all the trucking company’s adjuster’s questions carefully, but also to help you determine what you need to financially recover. 

There are many steps you will have to take after a car accident involving an 18-wheeler such as dealing with their insurance adjuster, your own insurance adjuster, and possibly a lawsuit (if your case meets certain criteria). 

You will likely have damages to recover from after sustaining an accident involving an 18-wheeler. Florida operates with a no-fault system, which means your position in the accident will be looked at to determine how much you contributed to the accident. Both parties will share the blame for the incident, but that blame is not dispersed equally. 

Your own insurance company will need to be contacted to file a claim with them regarding your damages. You will have PIP that you can collect to help with medical bills and lost wages from time off work, but if you aren’t careful, your own insurance adjuster can also reduce the settlement based on what you say. 

Many people wait to hire an attorney until they start to run into issues with their insurance company, but you can prevent that from hiring an attorney in the first place. Attorneys possess the skills and qualities you need to advocate on your behalf to every adjuster to make sure your involvement in the accident is discussed correctly and in a way to optimize your chances at a successful outcome. 

If it’s discovered that your insurance will not provide enough funds to help cover the damages, you may be able to file a lawsuit. You can benefit from the help of your attorney since investigating information and evidence for these claims can be difficult going up against these companies. 

In our opinion, it’s worth investing in an attorney before you feel stuck. 

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