What to Do After a Car Accident

Experiencing a car crash can sometimes leave you in a state of shock and not knowing how to react. It is important to understand certain steps you may need to take after an unexpected collision. Although there are steps you can take on your own, having a good lawyer on your side could help protect your rights to pursue the fair amount of compensation you may deserve.

If you were involved in a car accident in Florida, contact the attorneys of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers to schedule a no-cost initial consultation. Our licensed car accident lawyers may be able to point you in the right direction to seek the compensation you may need to cover medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and other expenses related to the crash.  

Below we provide some helpful steps you should take after an accident to protect yourself in more ways than one. If you miss certain steps, you could be denied the compensation you may need for a full recovery. 

Important Steps to Take After a Car Crash

Sometimes car accident victims may be confused or disoriented immediately after a serious collision. It is important to remain calm and gather yourself before making any hasty decisions. If you or someone you know was involved in a crash, there are certain actions you should take to be safe and preserve the value of your damages claim.

Follow these steps to prevent further harm and avoid having your claim devalued or denied by insurance companies or the court system:

  1. Call for help – Whether you or someone else involved in the accident is injured, get to a safe place and call 9-1-1 immediately. If you are able to do so, it is your legal duty to notify the proper authorities and offer reasonable assistance to anyone injured in the crash. Even if you suffer a mild injury, we recommend having a medical examination from a healthcare professional immediately. Some injuries may take some time before you feel symptoms and if you avoid medical attention, you could be denied compensation.
  2. Obtain a police report – Be sure to share your contact information with the police and other drivers involved in the crash. Also, ask the responding officer about obtaining a copy of the police report. Most insurance policies require a police report to qualify for compensation. If you are having difficulty obtaining a copy, your lawyer may be able to assist you with this crucial step. 
  3. Interview witnesses – If witnesses are present, ask them if they saw the accident as it occurred. Record witness names and contact information if they are willing to help. You can also ask permission to record them on video to provide a statement or your lawyer may also be able to interview them or ask them to testify on a later date. Witness statements could play a significant role when determining fault for an accident. 
  4. Gather evidence – Taking pictures or recording video of your injuries and any property damage is highly recommended. Be sure to include both vehicles, relevant traffic signs, and any other landmarks or road conditions that may have contributed to the crash. Keep copies of all medical bills and documentation, including X-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, and other test results. We recommend keeping a personal medical journal to document what you remember about the crash and the recovery process, including any improvements or setbacks with your condition. Without the proper evidence, you might not be granted the compensation you may deserve. 
  5. Beware of insurance adjusters – While you are required to report the accident to your insurance company, you should only provide the basic details regarding the crash. If you divulge too much information, insurance adjusters may try to use your words against you. Insurance companies may offer you a quick lowball settlement offer, knowing that your claim could be worth much more. Never admit fault or sign anything without speaking with your lawyer first. Rather, have a licensed lawyer negotiate with insurers on your behalf to legally protect and maintain the full value of your claim.
  6. Refrain from social media posts – After experiencing an accident, it is better to avoid posting anything online regarding the crash or your condition. Insurance adjusters have been known to research social media posts and use them against injury victims. For example, if you claim to have an injured leg and are seen playing sports or running around, the insurance company could use this against you. Even if you say you are “feeling fine,” it may be perceived that you no longer need the full amount of compensation and could result in a devalued or denied claim.   
  7. Speak to a qualified attorney –  Perhaps one of the most important steps you could take after a significant collision is inquiring with a qualified car accident attorney who has a proven track record of successful verdicts and settlements. Having a good lawyer on your side means you are exploring all your legal options to hold negligent parties accountable for your damages. 

Learn Your Legal Rights From a Law Firm You Can Trust

When inquiring about legal representation for a car crash, it is important to do your homework and hire a lawyer with a trustworthy background. Once you settle your case, you can no longer pursue compensation later for the same accident.  

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