Where Do Most Broadside or T-Bone Accidents Occur?

Car accidents are an everyday occurrence that can leave people suffering from potentially preventable injuries, drowning in financial concern, or even facing the harsh reality of loss. Being vigilant at all times on the road and knowing your surroundings is crucial to maintain safety for yourself and others you share the road with. 

Not every car accident can be severely detrimental, but there are many preventable accidents that can occur from distracted driving, including broadside and T-bone accidents. These accidents can happen anywhere, but they may be more likely to happen in specific areas. 

If you’ve recently encountered a broadside or T-bone accident, here is what you can do to seek the compensation you need. 

What Is a Broadside and T-Bone Collision?

Broadside and T-Bone are oftentimes used interchangeably. These collisions are typically when one person slams into another car on either side at a high speed. The reason it’s called a “T-Bone” is that the two cars form the letter T when they meet on impact. 

Either driver can be at fault for the accident since one of the following can occur:

  • A driver does not stop for oncoming traffic
  • A driver runs a red light or stop sign and hits the other car

It depends on the circumstance for establishing who is in the wrong in these accidents and specific evidence. Most of the time, these accidents occur because one of the drivers is not paying attention to their surroundings or what’s ahead.  

Where Do Most Broadside or T-Bone Accidents Take Place?

Most broadside or T-bone accidents occur at intersections since this is where other drivers have the chance to cross more frequently. Intersections are more dangerous in their design for this very reason, which is why some intersections have transformed into roundabouts to establish a better flow of oncoming traffic. 

Sometimes broadside or T-bone collisions are not the fault of a distracted driver. Even safe drivers can make mistakes at intersections either by a bad judgment in time or due to certain blind spots in their vehicles. If the intersection is a 4-way stop without a light, it can also be confusing to some drivers to know whose turn it is to go and when. 

There is also the left-handed turn to take at intersections. Left-handed turns require drivers to meet both lanes of traffic instead of just one while making a right-handed turn. If drivers are not careful to look both ways and make sure there’s no oncoming traffic, this could result in a broadside or T-bone accident. 

How To Reduce Your Chance of Being in An Accident

Although it’s impossible to say whether there is something you can do to never be in a broadside or T-bone accident, there are actions you can take to greatly reduce the risk of being involved in an accident in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. 

Time of Day

Rush hour gets its name for a valid reason. The time of day you drive and arrive at an intersection can greatly reduce or lower your chances of being T-boned by traffic. 

Night timeframes between 5 and 7 pm tend to be the most dangerous since people are getting off work, going to socialize with friends, or are coming home from their night out. Another busy time is Saturday nights. Saturdays tend to be the most dangerous day to drive since most people are off work, have plans, and are out on the road going place to place. 

If there is a common busy intersection near you, pay attention to the days and times it gets most crowded so you can prepare ahead of time.

Time of the Year

August tends to be the month when car accidents are the highest. This is because school starts up again, and there will be several parents driving their kids to and from school, as well as inexperienced teenagers driving themselves.

Be Extra Vigilant (And Study Up)

Wherever you’re driving, keeping a constant watch on your surroundings can help prevent accidents of any kind from happening. You should remain vigilant and consistently check your side and rearview mirrors.

If you approach an intersection that does not have a traffic light, remember the rules:

  • The first person to appear at the stop sign has the right of way
  • If two people appear at the same time, the person to the right has the right of way

What To Do After a Collision in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida?

If you are ever in an accident, here are the steps you should take to receive the help you need.

First, you need to call law enforcement if you are able to. It is a requirement to call the police and they will file a report. A police report is unbiased and will detail everything law enforcement investigates from the accident from how it happened, to who was involved and at fault. 

The next thing you should do is seek medical attention. This is not only for your safety, but also for your attorney to use along with the police report help you seek an adequate settlement when it comes to your insurance or lawsuit (if needed). 

Before you speak with your attorney, you should contact a trusted Palm Beach Gardens Car Accident Lawyer to help with your case. It’s possible that you can say something during the initial process to your insurance representative that could reduce the amount of financial compensation you may be offered. 

If it is deemed that your case meets the requirements to step out of the modified comparative fault rule and you’re able to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver, you will benefit from the assistance of an attorney present. 

Think You Have a Case? Seek Help Now

Car accidents in Florida can be tricky to handle because of the accident laws the state has in place. Since car accidents can leave behind significant damage to you physically and mentally, it’s crucial to seek help as soon as possible. 

In Florida, a civilian has 2 years from the date of the accident to file a claim. After, your case will likely be dismissed or possibly not as successful as it could have been if you were to file on time. 

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