Why Left Turn Accidents on Motorcycles are Common

Making a left turn at an intersection can be an extremely dangerous maneuver for motorcycle riders, with left turns ranking as the number one factor in motorcycle accidents and fatalities. 53% of crossing-path crashes involve left turns, while only 6% involve right turns. 

This difference is because, during a left turn, motorcycle drivers must check to their left to ensure that someone in their lane is not trying to pass them on the left, which is unnecessary when making a right turn at the same intersection. 

To make matters worse, drivers turning right do not have to cross the path of any oncoming traffic, while drivers turning left must watch for oncoming vehicles that could be coming from either direction. With these factors in mind, it is no surprise that left-turn accidents on motorcycles are far more common than right-turn accidents. In this blog post, we will discuss five reasons why left-turn accidents on motorcycles are so common.

Left Turns Tend to Be Blind Spots

Left-turn accidents are some of the most common accidents involving motorcycles. One of the reasons for this is that left turns tend to be blind spots. This means a driver may not see what’s coming up ahead when making a left turn.

Being smaller than cars, motorcycles can easily be overlooked when making a left turn. This can lead to an accident if a motorcyclist is crossing the intersection at the same time. It’s important for drivers to always check for motorcycles before making a left turn.

This includes making sure to look both ways before turning and taking extra care to ensure the coast is clear before entering the intersection. Motorcyclists should also be aware of their surroundings and anticipate the possibility of drivers being unable to see them. 

Motorcyclists Underestimate Their Speed

Underestimating speed is one of the most common reasons left turn accidents occur. Most motorcyclists underestimate their speed. Motorcycles tend to accelerate faster than cars and can reach higher speeds in shorter distances. As a result, motorcyclists may fail to properly gauge how fast they are moving, which can lead to serious consequences when attempting to make a left turn.

When making a left turn, motorcyclists must remember to slow down and make sure they are going the appropriate speed for the turn. It is important to leave enough room between the motorcycle and oncoming traffic to ensure safety.

Failure to do so could easily result in an accident, as the motorcyclist may not have enough time to clear the intersection before an oncoming vehicle arrives. To avoid this, motorcyclists should take extra caution when making left turns and slow down if necessary.

Most Motorists Fail to Signal Their Intention to Turn

One of the most common reasons why left turn accidents involving motorcycles are so common is because many motorists fail to signal their intention to turn. This can lead to a dangerous situation for the motorcyclist, as they may not be able to properly anticipate the other driver’s actions. 

All drivers need to signal their intentions before making a turn. Motorists should use their turn signal at least 100 feet before they reach the turn and continue to signal until they complete the maneuver. This gives other drivers time to prepare and adjust their speed and position accordingly. 

Motorcyclists should always be vigilant when approaching intersections, even if a car has signaled that it is turning. Motorcyclists also need to check if the other driver is signaling. If not, the motorcyclist should exercise caution, as the other driver may not intend to turn. 

Many Motorists Don’t Yield the Right of Way

Left turn accidents are particularly common for motorcycle riders, as other motorists often fail to yield the right of way. Other drivers often don’t realize that a motorcycle is approaching or attempting to make a left turn. Other drivers may also incorrectly assume that the motorcyclist will always yield to oncoming traffic and make the turn later. 

Unfortunately, this lack of awareness from other drivers can cause serious or even fatal injuries to the motorcycle rider. Other motorists need to understand the importance of yielding the right of way to any vehicle attempting to make a left turn. 

When other drivers do not yield to turning motorcycles, it can increase the risk of an accident occurring. Motorcycle riders should also be aware of their surroundings and watch out for drivers who are not paying attention.

Riders Misjudge the Speed of Oncoming Traffic

Misjudging the speed of oncoming traffic is one of the most common reasons why left-turn accidents on motorcycles are so frequent. This can be a dangerous mistake, as it can lead to the rider turning into oncoming traffic, resulting in an accident. The risks are even greater when the oncoming traffic is moving at a faster rate of speed than the rider anticipates.

Motorcycle riders need to take extra caution when approaching an intersection, as this is one of the most dangerous situations on the road. Riders should always look for signs of fast-approaching vehicles, such as headlights, loud engines, or movement on the road.

It’s also important for riders to remember that the speed limit is often lower in intersections than on the rest of the road, so they should factor this into their calculations when making left turns. If a rider notices an oncoming vehicle that looks like it’s going too fast, they should wait until it passes before turning.

The Rider Is Less Visible to Oncoming Traffic

When it comes to motorcycle accidents involving left turns, visibility can be a big factor. Many times, riders are not as visible as a car or truck to oncoming traffic, making it difficult for them to gauge the speed of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Motorcyclists are small, and their bikes are even smaller. Because of this, they may be unable to judge how quickly oncoming cars will reach the intersection. In some cases, riders may not be seen by the other drivers in time to adjust their approach.

Cars often have blind spots; if a motorcyclist is caught in one of these, they may be less visible than an automobile or truck. This can lead to an accident if a rider attempts a left turn in front of an oncoming vehicle that does not see them until it is too late. 

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