Common Road Hazards Encountered by Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders are at a higher risk of experiencing a traffic accident caused by road hazards, when compared to other vehicles. Small bumps on the road, potholes, rocks, branches, and minor oil spills can all contribute to a serious motorcycle crash, whereas a car or truck may have no issues running right through these obstacles.  

Because cyclists have very little protection around them, the damages are often severe. Riders can sometimes be devastated by debilitating injuries, high medical costs, lost wages from missing work, pain and suffering, property damage, and other losses. Having a qualified attorney review your accident claim is highly recommended so you can learn about your legal options to seek financial compensation for your damages. To obtain compensation for a motorcycle crash caused by a road hazard, you and your attorney can work together to look into and provide the sufficient evidence that is needed to prove your claim. 

The accomplished attorneys at Frank & Kominsky understand the struggles injured victims and their families face when dealing with a serious motorcycle accident. This is why we offer free initial consultations to motorcycle accident victims in Florida, including the Fort Lauderdale area (by appointment only). If your claim is viable, you could recover compensation to help pay for past, present, and future costs, and other financial losses related to the crash. 

Read below to learn some of the more common road hazards cyclists face and some ways you can stay safe and avoid them.  

Examples of Motorcycle Road Hazards

Although some motorcycle road hazards may be unavoidable, practicing certain safety precautions may help you be better prepared to avoid a serious crash and minimize the damage. The following is a list of the most common motorcycle hazards our team has experience working with, along with some helpful tips that could help you stay safe:

Debris on the road – Inclement weather can cause objects such as tree branches, rocks, gravel, trash, or other debris to be left in the middle of the road. When a motorcycle is traveling at a high speed, even small pieces of debris can cause the bike to swerve off the road or into other vehicles and other immovable objects. Maintain the speed limit and drive cautiously around bends and turns, especially after a storm or high winds. You never know what may have been blown onto the road ahead.   

Wet surfaces – There are several ways a road could become slick enough to cause a motorcycle accident. Besides weather conditions, surfaces can become slippery for bikers when encountering oil spills or other liquid cargo spills from delivery trucks. Since bikes have only two wheels to grip the road, it means they have much less traction as opposed to vehicles with four wheels. When riding in the rain or approaching a wet surface, it is important to brake gradually and proceed with caution. If you hit the brakes abruptly, it can cause the tires to lose traction and may result in a collision.

Railroad crossings – It is important for all cyclists to always slow down and drive carefully when riding over railroad tracks. Because motorcycle tires can be much thinner when compared to a car or truck, they have been known to get stuck between the railroad tracks, causing the rider to fly off the bike. Riders not only risk sustaining injuries from falling, they can also be in danger from oncoming trains or other vehicles crossing the tracks. Try to maintain a safe, consistent speed when crossing railroad tracks with a bike. If you slow down too much, the tires are also more likely to get stuck.  

Animal crossings – When an unexpected creature darts across the road it can cause cyclists to veer off the side of the road. Instead, try to slow down and drive around the animal. Always stay alert when you see animal crossing signs or when driving at night in a heavily wooded area. 

Uneven pavement – When construction projects are incomplete or road erosion occurs, it can cause the pavement to become uneven, which can be dangerous for motorcyclists. Riders traveling at high speeds can easily be thrown off course when certain parts of the road are higher than others. Cyclists should always slow down when encountering edge breaks between lanes or other uneven road conditions. 

Bridge joints/expansion joints – Sometimes there are metal pieces which connect sections of the road together. Better known as expansion joints or bridge joints, these strong pieces of metal are necessary to allow the road or bridge to expand without cracking. However, sometimes the metal can shift and create a bump or gap in the road which can contribute to a motorcycle mishap. Always be on the lookout for these road connectors, especially when driving on or near a bridge.

Depending on what caused your motorcycle crash, you may need to file a claim against the party who contributed to the road hazard or government agency responsible for maintaining the road. Inquiring with a licensed lawyer who has experience handling these types of claims could be extremely helpful, rather than trying to seek compensation without guidance.

Learn More About How You Can Seek Fair Compensation

Motorcycle accidents are usually the result of negligence. However, sometimes mother nature overcomes all and unexpected road hazards are created. After experiencing a motorcycle crash, it is wise to seek legal advice and learn your rights to pursue the fair amount of compensation you deserve.  

If you or someone you care about was hurt in a motorcycle crash that was caused by a road hazard, you could be eligible for funds to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of income, loss of consortium, and property damage. Even if the crash involved no other vehicles, you could still qualify to recover funds for these damages. If you lost a loved one in a deadly motorcycle accident, surviving family members could be granted these damages along with funeral and burial costs. 

Allow the lawyers at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers hear the details of your claim during a complimentary initial evaluation. We will discuss the details of your case and help determine whether you may qualify for compensation. There is no obligation during this meeting with one of our legal professionals.

Our accomplished attorneys handle motorcycle cases throughout the state of Florida, including the Ft. Lauderdale area (by appointment only). Learn your rights to pursue the fair amount of compensation to aid with your recovery. At Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, we never settle for less when we represent our clients. Our goal is to help our clients pursue the compensation they deserve while keeping their legal rights protected.

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