What Evidence is Needed in a Motorcycle Accident?

To obtain compensation after a motorcycle crash, injury victims must provide enough evidence to prove their claim is valid. Although collecting evidence may seem like a simple task, having an experienced lawyer perform a thorough investigation is highly recommended. 

Gathering evidence in a motorcycle crash case can be very detailed and complex without the help of a trained professional who has experience working on these types of cases. Since bikes have very little protection around the rider, injuries are often severe and the damage is usually widespread. This can make it difficult to collect certain pieces of evidence needed to prove an accident claim. A diligent lawyer will examine all the possibilities that may have contributed to the collision and help you seek compensation from the parties accountable for damages that were caused by their negligence.

If you need assistance seeking justice for your motorcycle accident claim, contact an award-winning lawyer at Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers today. Our attorneys provide free initial consultations and there is no obligation to discuss your legal options. If your claim is approved, we may be able to help you obtain the fair amount of compensation you deserve to pay for medical expenses, loss of income, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the crash.

Types of Evidence in a Motorcycle Crash

Depending on the details of the accident, certain pieces of evidence may be more crucial than others. While our licensed attorneys may be able to assist with this task, we suggest trying to obtain the following pieces of evidence if you are safe and healthy enough to do so:

The Police Report

While some motorcycle accident victims may be wary of contacting the police, there are many advantages in notifying local law enforcement. Police officers can help clear traffic to keep you safe and provide immediate medical assistance until the ambulance arrives. The responding officer can also control the situation in cases involving irate drivers and he or she is responsible for providing a detailed report of the accident scene.    

The police report could be used to verify whether the other driver(s) were issued any traffic citations such as speeding, driving recklessly, running a red light, drowsy driving, or driving while intoxicated. Most insurance policies include a stipulation that requires policyholders to notify the proper authorities after an accident. Otherwise, you may be denied coverage to pay for your damages.

Pictures and Video

After reporting the accident to the police, take pictures of your injuries, any damaged protective gear, your bike, and any other vehicles involved with the accident scene. Take close-ups of any skid marks or any other road conditions that may have contributed to the crash.

Look around the accident scene and check for any video cameras that may have captured the accident as it occurred. Pictures and video can often be considered as significant pieces of evidence in a motorcycle crash claim. If you were unable to capture images or obtain video footage from a nearby camera at the time of the crash, your lawyer may be able to go back to the scene and handle this on your behalf.     

The Motorcycle

The motorcycle itself can be used as valuable evidence in a crash case as lawyers and other experts can examine the damages and search for important clues to prove how the collision occurred. 

Keep the bike in a safe place to use later as evidence. If you need to repair it immediately, be sure to take several pictures and record video from multiple angles to show all damages to the motorcycle. The greater the damage, the more compensation you may be eligible to recover. 

Witness Information

If anyone not involved with the crash, saw the accident happen in real time, it is crucial that you ask for their names and contact information. Having a witness back your claim could significantly strengthen your case. 

You can also ask a witness for permission to record a statement on video, which can be used as valuable evidence. If you are unable to obtain a statement, your attorney can also interview the witnesses at a later date. 

Mobile Phone Records

Distracted driving continues to be a growing problem in Florida and throughout the United States, mostly because drivers are illegally texting while driving. If the other driver is suspected of texting while driving, your lawyer may be able to obtain phone records to help prove the other driver was distracted at the time of the crash.

Medical Documents

If you were injured and received medical care after the crash, it is important to keep copies of all medical documentation related to your injuries, such as:

  • Healthcare bills
  • Medical exams (X-rays, MRI’s, CT Scans)
  • Costs for medical devices 
  • Home improvements needed to accommodate your injuries 
  • Transportation costs traveling to and from medical appointments

These are just some examples of medical documentation that could be submitted as evidence of your damages in a motorcycle accident claim. 

Lost Income

If you were forced to miss work and could not gain wages because of your injuries, it is important to obtain documentation that shows how much income you lost while you were recovering. You could qualify to win these lost wages back as part of your compensation. 

Let a Licensed Lawyer Investigate Your Claim

Investigating and gathering evidence in a motorcycle crash claim should be executed by a licensed lawyer. Injury victims who decide to hire legal representation have been known to recover nearly three times as much compensation compared to those who decide to handle the case on their own.

At the law firm of Frankl Kominsky Injury Lawyers, our attorneys strive to help injury victims seek the compensation they need for medical costs, lost wages, loss of consortium, property damage, and more. Our attorneys never settle for less when investigating motorcycle accident claims. 

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