What Information Should I Gather at the Car Accident Scene?

When drivers exhibit negligence on the road, it can lead to car accidents with severe consequences. As a victim, the typical steps are filing claims and seeking compensation. But, having a valid case depends on the available evidence.

Gathering necessary information is vital for injury victims to exercise their legal rights in Boca Raton, Florida. A Boca Raton car accident lawyer will need these details to represent the victim and help them seek adequate compensation. This article discusses the information to gather at a crash scene.

Checklist of Information to Gather at a Car Accident Scene in Boca Raton, Florida

There’s a lot of information at the scene of an accident, but collecting the correct details can impact a potential compensation claim. It’s normal to experience shock and anxiety after a crash. However, try to keep a level head and remain as calm as possible. While everyone is still at the accident scene, obtain the following information:

  • Details of Other Driver(s), Vehicles, and Eyewitnesses

Other drivers and vehicles involved at a crash site offer helpful information. These details include name, home address, mobile phone number, and driver’s license. Email addresses, insurance information, and license plate numbers are other information to write down as well.

The vehicle information includes registration, color, year, make, and model. Also, note the operating business and other contact information for commercial vehicles. Individuals involved in a car crash could embellish details to shift blame. 

This is why witnesses of the accident can be vital. Witnesses can describe many points of view to explain an accident scene. Make sure to identify eyewitnesses and exchange contact information if you can.

  • Personal Injuries and Vehicle Damage

Personal injuries and vehicle damage are two common results of a car accident. The first point of action after a car accident is to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. Before leaving the accident scene, record the sustained injuries of individuals involved by observing or asking questions. Also, note the visible damage to the vehicles involved in the accident. When seeking legal help, this information will help estimate and negotiate settlements.

  • Photos and Videos of the Scene

A photo or video is worth a thousand words, especially in filing and settling a claim. Take photos and film videos of the accident scene as soon as possible. The details to capture are the involved vehicles, skid marks, road hazards, and debris from the collision.

  • Road, Traffic, and Weather Conditions

Essential details about the road, traffic situation, and weather conditions at the crash site can be essential to a case. Take note of the road conditions of the location where the accident occurs. Also, record the flow of traffic, road signs and features, and other relevant physical information such as visibility or lighting at the scene.

  • Police Reports

Aside from exchanging contact information with eyewitnesses, it’s customary to conduct interviews immediately. First, speak to the police to enable them to make a report of the accident. Reports from law enforcement authorities can confirm your version of the crash.

What Should Victims Do After an Accident?

As mentioned, collecting vital information at a car accident scene can help victims seek compensation. However, there are other steps to take immediately after a collision. These actions help prevent further injury or property damage.

Call the Local Authorities

Ensure to place an emergency call while at the crash site. This call alerts law enforcement and emergency medical service providers to be on-site to assist.

 Seek Medical Help

First responders usually provide emergency care to injuries at the crash site. Yet, there may be a need for further medical care at a hospital or clinic. Boca Raton, Florida, residents with Personal Injury Protection insurance must receive treatment within two weeks of the incident for the policy to cover the cost of medical treatment.

Still, there are more reasons to receive medical care. Car accidents often result in severe injuries. Even minor strains can have devastating consequences on personal well-being in the future. 

Being treated can mitigate the worst outcome. Also, medical records can prove injury claims by noting the health effects of the accident.

Notify the Insurance Company

In a car accident, informing the insurance company about the event is critical whether the victim is also at fault or not. However, admitting wrong information or filling out official forms without the proper counsel is risky after an accident. This stage is where a Boca Raton injury lawyer can provide quality legal advice.

Keep Relevant Records

Medical bills are not the only form of paperwork that can be vital for accident victims. Work absence records are also necessary if you cannot work due to personal injuries.

Details should show the loss of work-related benefits. Examples are income loss, foregone sick days, missed bonuses, lost promotion opportunities, etc. 

It’s also essential to note all the costs resulting from vehicular damage. Besides repair estimates and car rental bills, details of the vehicle’s pre-crash condition and maintenance records can be used as supporting evidence.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Florida mandates all drivers to hold at least $10,000 in property damage liability and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. In addition, victims can receive care and reimbursement for personal and financial damages.

Nevertheless, PIP has its limits and may not cover all the prescribed treatment procedures. Individuals can still file claims for compensation from insurance companies. The process can be a bit frustrating without the proper legal knowledge.

A car accident lawyer can give you the skills and guidance you need to make the best decisions after a car accident.

Mistakes to Avoid After an Accident

For car crash victims, the following actions can negatively affect injury claims:

  • Refusing to treat injuries
  • Waiting too long to file claims
  • Releasing unnecessary information to insurance companies
  • Not telling the local police about the accident
  •  Taking blame or apologizing
  • Not having enough evidence from the scene
  • Agreeing to a fast settlement
  • Signing documents without legal counsel
  • Posting online about the event
  • Refusing to hire a lawyer

Why Hire an Injury Lawyer?

Victims who sustained injuries from a car accident need enough time to heal. Unfortunately, this process can often be painful and frustrating. An injury lawyer can help with legal matters while the victim focuses on healing themselves back to health.

Florida’s no-fault accident policy on car accidents makes compensation possible regardless of fault. Filing for compensation personally may seem straightforward, but the claims process is complex, and there are often issues such as rejected claims or unfair offers.

Additionally, insurance companies usually guard their interests and prefer to minimize injury payouts. Insurance adjusters review all available information about a car accident to prevent foul play. An injury lawyer can examine evidence to prove the victim was not at-fault and help negotiate a fair settlement.

Call a Boca Raton Injury Lawyer for Legal Help After a Car Accident

Seeking compensation after a car accident must be done promptly as time is usually of the essence when filing an injury claim. A personal injury lawyer will file your claim timely so that you can seek the compensation you deserve.

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