What Types of Injuries Are Considered Catastrophic?

There are various categories of injuries that victims can sustain after an accident. Catastrophic injuries are severe. People who have sustained catastrophic injuries through someone else’s negligence in Pompano Beach, Florida, may seek compensation. Securing the services of a licensed and experienced Pompano Beach Personal Injury Lawyer can increase the chances of success.

As the name implies, a catastrophic injury can be devastating and life-altering for the victim and their loved ones. Therefore, not every injury qualifies. This article will define what injuries fit into this category and establish which steps a catastrophic injury victim can take. 

What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

As stated, not every wound fits into the catastrophic injury category. To know if an injury qualifies as one, there are several conditions the injury must meet. An injury is catastrophic if: 

  • The Injury Requires Expensive Medical Treatment

An injury must cost a victim a substantial amount. Otherwise, an injury will likely not be considered catastrophic. 

  • If the Injury Causes Disability or Disfigurement

Any injury that places a permanent scar or visible damage to the body or skin could be catastrophic. Catastrophic injuries can cause damage to sensitive body organs and leave the victim with a disability.

Additionally, catastrophic injury victims may cause permanent disfigurements and even amputations to prevent a wound from worsening. 

  • If the Effects of the Injury Remain for a Long Time

The effects of catastrophic injuries do not have to last a lifetime. Victims of catastrophic injuries may attain full recovery and use of an affected body part. However, the effects of catastrophic injuries should last for a considerable period such as at least one year.

An injury must meet at least one of these conditions to qualify as a catastrophic injury. Now, let’s review common examples of catastrophic injuries. 

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries, by nature, happen quickly and without warning. Many people consider spinal cord injuries as the major type of catastrophic injury. But there are more examples of this type of wound. 

Catastrophic injuries can cause serious damage to vital body systems such as the reproductive system, respiratory system, central nervous system, and more. Common examples include: 

  •  Severe Burns 

Burns are common across the US. There are different types of severe burns, but the main focus is third or fourth degree burns. These types of burns are the most severe because they involve all skin layers. Third-degree burns may result in permanent tissue damage and may also affect bones. 

Due to the depth of damage of third or fourth-degree burns, they are considered life-threatening. People who survive severe burns may suffer a lifetime of pain, scarring, loss of motion, and nerve damage. 

Severe burns may increase a person’s chances of developing a disability, making it difficult to earn a living or maintain their current standard of living. In addition, recovery takes a long time, involving therapy and plastic surgeries. 

  • Spinal Cord Injuries 

Any damage to the spinal cord that causes a loss of function, such as a person’s ability to move, is referred to as a spinal cord injury (SCI). Different types of spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis. 

Cervical spinal cord injuries cause paralysis in the arms and legs (quadriplegia). Then there are spinal cord injuries that affect the thoracic region of the body. This causes paralysis in the legs and chest (paraplegia). 

That may seem like a lot of unfamiliar biological terms. However, the main point is that spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis, making earning a living difficult for victims. 

  • Loss of Limb 

Loss of limb (arms or legs) is also known as amputation. This catastrophic injury may cause difficulty securing employment and affect a person mentally and emotionally. 

  •  Internal Organ Damage 

The organs beneath the skin and muscles (such as the liver, spleen, intestines, etc.) may get damaged from motor vehicle accidents. When this happens, affected persons will need surgery and treatment for some time. 

During this time, the person may be unable to carry out activities they used to do. These injuries can also lead to a lifelong disability which may hinder a person’s ability to earn a living.

  •  Traumatic Brain Injury 

A sudden injury that results in any damage to the brain is referred to as a traumatic brain injury. It may occur from falls, construction site accidents, sporting accidents, or gunshots. TBI from gunshots is referred to as penetrating head injuries. 

The brain is a very important part of any human. It coordinates a lot of body functions. Damage to the brain can cause serious disabilities that may take a long time for recovery.

What Types of Damages Can You Receive for a Catastrophic Injury?

Someone who suffers from a catastrophic injury is usually entitled to seek compensation. Lawyers can examine individual cases and inform victims about the possible outcomes. First, however, here’s a list of common damages for these kinds of injuries. 

  • Medical Expenses 

Medical expenses include money spent for past and present medical care and treatment up to the time of asking for compensation. It covers diagnostic tests, surgeries, medication, etc.

  • Lost Wages

Catastrophic injuries are serious enough to make the victims unable to return to work for a while. During this period, the victim may have lost money and potential wages. Therefore, they should seek compensation for lost income. 

  • Diminished Earning Capacity

The effects of a catastrophic injury could reduce the ability of the victim to perform at the same level as they used to. As a result, in many cases, the victim finds it difficult to secure a job or one that pays as much as before. 

  • Pain and Suffering

There are emotional effects of catastrophic injuries. Changes in physical conditions can lead to emotional distress such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Also, victims will have to deal with physical pain. Sometimes, victims can feel a sharp pain every time their body moves, making it difficult to go about their daily lives. 

  • Continuing Medical Care

Catastrophic injuries usually require future medical care and treatment, which costs money. Victims will receive help and support from staff services, medical equipment, facilities, ambulances, travel, therapy, hospitalization, etc., and should then seek compensation for these expenses.

How To Seek Catastrophic Injury Settlements in Florida

Finding a good lawyer at the beginning of your compensation process is highly recommended.

That’s how most successful personal injury cases begin. Proving a personal injury case can be challenging, so it is best to have the help of a professional on your side. For anyone who has sustained a catastrophic injury in Pompano Beach, Florida, there are skilled attorneys that can boost the chances of victory by advocating for their clients. 

Hire an Experienced Pompano Beach Personal Injury Lawyer

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